Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Good Week

...well, except for wiping out on the icy parking lot at my daughter's Glee class on Tuesday. That kind of cancelled out my will to exercise since Tuesday- having a sore neck, low back and (truth be told) sore backside. Ouch!

I did have a good Saturday weigh-in: down 2.6 and this week has been good food wise. I should be down further this Saturday. I've been tracking and feeling in control. Yeah for that! I have felt hungrier this week.

I tried a couple new recipes this week which were good. Chop 'Til You Drop Suey by the Looney Spoons ladies (featured on the Food Network) (6pts) was really tasty on Saturday night. I definitely would make it again. I had most of the ingredients and bought the veggies for it at a local grocers who specializes in local produce and has amazingly fresh stuff and interesting food finds. I didn't make their suggested side of Vegetable Fried Rice, due to time constraints and lack of frozen veggies, but rather served it with plain basmati rice.
I also made another slow cooker soup recipe: Parmigiano Pumpkin Soup with Frizzled Prosciutto from my favourite slow cooker recipe book, The Art of the Slow Cooker. To decrease the Weight Watcher points involved, I omitted the oil and used olive oil spray and used half of the half and half cream and topped the cup with skim milk. We don't have fat free half and half here in Canada. Next time I might try it with light cream- though Andrew Schloss recommends that you use at least 10% cream. I had unopened prosciutto left over from Christmas, but I think I'd skip that part next time or try a little bit of bacon. Didn't love the prosciutto enough to warrant the points. (not point worthy- or at least the type I had!)
Hope everyone had a good week! Stay off the ice (or keep your stick on the ice, as we say in Canada- for balance!) ;)

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas cost a pound...

I'll take it and run! I was up one at my weigh-in, but with all the Xmas bonbons I consumed, with only being up 1 (after my cleansing week on program after the holiday and before wi), I'm happy with that.
Wish I'd stayed on program during the holiday, of course, but maybe next year when I tell all our relatives to store the chocolate at their houses, I'll do better. It's a dream anyway.

In other news, I did some good workouts and recipes this week. I will upload the pictures now and then see if I can link recipes tomorrow? Have a great night everyone. Yawn. (exercise is tiring.)

Update with links: my chicken was by the Looney Spoons ladies. I've been watching their show on demand (we recently got the Cooking Channel- woo hoo!) I tried their "Faux Fried Chicken." It was very good and pretty easy @ 6pts. dd13 loved it best. ("Please make this recipe again, Mom and often!")

My soup was from my favourite slow cooker recipe book: Andrew Schloss' Art of the Slow Cooker. The soup was Curried Coconut Chicken Soup and really good. I found a blog with a review and the recipe here. I also lightened up the recipe to make it more point friendly (to 6 pts). I omitted the vegetable oil and used olive oil spray to grease the pan instead. I used low-sodium organic broth, 2 lemongrass stalks instead of the called for 3 (not for calories, it was what I had), light coconut milk, light peanut butter, and low sodium soy sauce. The soup is very flavourful. My dh really liked it (and he's not a curry guy) and though my girls were hesitant to try it, dd13 liked it in the end. I definitely plan to make it again!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sick but on program!

Finally came down with the family's Christmas cold/ flu. Dd10 was sick too, so we stayed home from school together. In-between bouts of coughing I managed to track points for what I ate. Go me!

With the new PointsPlus program, I do find myself making better choices. smoothies are more attractive than ever with the free fruit and the reasonable points for low fat milk products. I had half a bagel instead of a whole one (bagels increased in the pointage) with my chicken noodle soup.

I thought I'd share a picture of my froth making machine I posted about yesterday. A lovely frothy chai latte is wonderful in-between bouts of hacking. I love my little machine that literally takes seconds to do its magic.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Homemade delicious chai

Well, kind of homemade in the preparation at home dept. My dh bought me a frother (sp?)(after I pointed it out and drew a map to the store!) for my bday in November. It's great for my fave Starbucks drink the Chai latte. With the Starbucks chai mix from the grocery store (2pts) and skim milk froth (1pt) it's not bad pts wise either! I want to try the London Fog one, too- another good latte. I'm addicted to the flavoured coffee creamer, but I think the skim milk froth would be a good change and a points friendly one, too!

As promised, here are a couple of recipes from the WeightWatchers New Complete Cookbook using the PointsPlus values.

When my sister sent us home with some left over ham on New Year's Day, I decided to look up a scalloped potatoes recipe to go with them. The binder has a 5 point one Scalloped Potatoes with Cheese. They were tasty and dh (not a potato guy) even asked for seconds- as did the girls. The recipe divides into 8 pieces, not huge, but enough.

I was rushing the cooking of the potatoes (almost 2 hours long for after work), so I kept the temperature at 350 for the whole cooking time. They browned up a bit in spots, but it all worked out. The two other changes I made were (1) they didn't have red potatoes at Costco, so I just bought honking big white ones from PEI there and (2) I never see fat free half and half in our stores (can you buy it in Canada anywhere?), so I used light half and half and skim milk, so pointswise, it worked out the same.

I also made the Slow Cooker Lasagna from the PointsPlus: Getting Started book. It counts for 11 points, but if I made it again, I might add another layer of the 3 lasagna noodles- separating the cheese section. I think it would firm it up a bit, too. I'd have to look up the points. It shouldn't add more than 1 point? Anyway, we all liked the lasagna, but the family told me they like my regular lasagna (a family party staple) better.

At my Christmas cocktail party, as I said before, I tried a number of starters from the Weight Watchers PointsPlus binder: Classic Guacamole (2), Baba Ghanoush (2), and Keema Samosas (2). They were all good, the Baba Ghanoush was my least favourite, but I think I used too much eggplant (mine was large), so I might try it again. I love Baba Ghanoush! The Samosas were my favourite. I accidently added a 1/2 tsp extra spice, so they were extra spicy (yee haw), but still really good. My dh is not a curry fan, though, so if I remake them another time, it will have to be a time when we have company! Perfect for starters anyway, right?

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Seasonal Eatings

Ok. having major picture upload problems. Something went wonky in my iPhone blog app or in blogger itself (an update probably?) and all my pictures disappeared. oops.

Anyway, long time, no post! Hope everyone had a great holiday! Ours was good- but busy and quickly over. I tried a number of new Cooking Light recipes- basically using the November 2010 Holiday Special for all my Christmas day recipes. It was a busy day, and I didn't get ANY food close ups. oops again. My sister brought rolls, wonderful sweet potatoes and an amazingly delicious salad (spiced pecans anyone?), adding to the following CL recipes that I did: Orange-Buttermilk Dinner Rolls, Framboise Cranberry Sauce, Apple-Poblano Whole Roast Turkey, Brussels Sprouts Gratin, and Sausage and Sourdough Bread Stuffing. I liked everything very much. The dinner rolls were the only thing that didn't really work out- though mil said she liked them- part of the problem was dh accidently turning off the oven in the middle of things. argh. ;)

From the same CL issue, I also made Vanilla Cake with Italian Meringue Frosting twice: for boxing day at the inlaws and for New Year's Day at my sisters in Toronto. It was really good, too, with its marshmallowie icing, though a little too delicate and slidey (held by dd13 in the backseat, the top fell off) to make the trip to the big city. It looked a bit trashed, but still got thumbs up from those who ate it. The vanilla cake inside was so light and tasty. I made my own lemon curd (from a roasted chicken recipe from my Cooking Light binder) for it, since I didn't see it in the store and I'm pretty confident in making it quickly (since I've made it a bunch of times unlike the rest of the holiday recipes!)

In Weight Watcher's news, I have started on the new program after falling off the wagon over the holidays. (too many bonbons and 2 Saturday meetings cancelled due to holidays) I tried a number of appetizer recipes for a cocktail party that I had before Christmas and a couple of others recently from the New Complete Cookbook using the PointsPlus stats. I will share these tomorrow, since it's late after all my picture woes. I will also add points to the recipes above!

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and all the best of health and fitness in the new year!

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