Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day Crockpot Pork

Happy Family Day (or Prez Day) to my fellow bloggers! We had a nice, low key one. I didn't even leave the house- good day! ;)

I did try a new recipe- the cover one from my forementioned special edition BH&G Ultimate Slow Cooker 2010. Barbecued Country-Style Ribs was the recipe- actually I followed in into the second suggested recipe Shredded Pork Sandwiches with Vinegar Slaw.

The recipe wasn't low fat, but it was quick and tasty. I couldn't find the boneless ribs required in the recipe, the butcher didn't know what they were and directed me to a boneless rib roast which I cut in chunks and used in its place.

I really liked it and my family all seemed to like it, too. Only dh and I had it on the kaiser rolls and only I added the coleslaw and sauce on top. (dh and his lack of sauce love) I'm going to look for lower fat crockpot alternatives next- maybe a chili? We've got the chill in the air for it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hot buns for Valentine's

Happy Valentine's, everyone! Checking in from chocolate bonbon eating (and Olympic watching) central. We also went to a movie today (Valentine's Day: the movie on the day) and had movie popcorn with butter. (which always tastes good until you feel terrible after.)

In good healthier eating news, one of the treats that I made for my family today was from my Cooking Light recipe binder: Triple Play Cinnamon Rolls. (4pts) I will look for a link on my laptop after.

Anyway, I used the bday Kitchenaid mixer for the kneading part again, so they were pretty easy- though not a recipe for a week night with all the pauses between steps. I skipped the raisins because I didn't have any, plus my children aren't fans. I would like to add raisins next time (for at least half the roll anyway).

The rolls were liked by everyone in my family. Maybe we'll share with people other than the 4 of us tomorrow. The recipe makes 20 afterall. ( Though my end piece was a mini- as seen in the pic. Guess that one is a single pointer. Unlike my Laura Secord bonbons. ;))

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Using the tools...

After missing last week's check-in post, thought I'd try to be better this week. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, I have a few new tools, including my new iPhone- which I love, love, love! I took the food pics on my phone for easy upload. yee haw!

I also used a new attachment on my November-new KitchenAid stand mixer: the dough hook for the pictured Pumpkin-Cinnamon Streusel Buns from my Cooking Light recipe binder. (5pts)
The buns are really good! I've made them the last 2 weekends. Only dd12 wouldn't try them- turned off by the idea of the pumpkin. You really don't taste pumpkin, btw- not that I don't enjoy pumpkin. (says the pumpkin crazy lady!) They are fluffy and cinnamon-y- delicious. Well worth the points, I think.

The other two dishes pictured are from a Better Homes and Garden's special edition magazine I found on Slow Cooker recipes. The one I tried was Indian-spiced Chicken Thighs. It leads to left-overs and another recipe: Coconut Chicken and Couscous. I made it with pasta for the second night instead of the rice. (Trying to please my family since we'd had rice the night before and if the chicken wasn't enjoyed, they will always eat pasta without complaint.)

I really liked the slow cooker recipes; my family, not as much. Dh likes his chicken dry-argh! (sauce is not his favourite) and he complained about the curry flavour the second night. (We don't have curry very often.) dd9 doesn't like dark meat chicken since we usually have boneless chicken breasts.

Anyway, I enjoyed the Indian flavours and the coconut milk (I used light) mixed into the pasta and chicken bits, so I might do it again (after some time passes) with white meat instead- and halve the amount, so I'm not eating chicken thighs for lunch AND dinner.

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