Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a late Wednesday night check-in

Just a quickie to apologize for not being around! I miss you guys! I've been busy at work and at home with numerous projects- and with the Christmas rush on top of that, I've just not been doing my blog thang.

This week I'm trying to get my gifts in the mail and Christmas cards made AND we have a big partay this Saturday that I must start planning for. (I should try a Cooking Light app at it- and I'll share it if I do.)

I promise to catch up with you guys much better once the actual holiday hits- especially after the 25th. I'm sadly NOT going to make my Christmas challenge ( go figure ), but I hope you guys are doing it! Go bloggers for healthy habits! I know I'd feel a lot better if I was on program. Eating right really is the better way to go for more reasons that just a number on the scale.

I finished up boot camp this week and intend to start a new activity in the new year. My secret Santa at work gave me chocolate last week and that kind of set me off in the snacking department. *sigh* I'm asking the real Santa for my will power back, I know it's around here somewhere...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Needing a little help

As one of my friends recently pointed out, I have not posted on my blog for a week. Yikes! You can always tell when I'm getting off track: I'm usually not around. What helps me stay on program? Being around. Being around all of you for inspiration (reading your blogs), being around tracking my food intake online @ww, being around and not being too busy with real life rushing- leading to eating out, not preplanning food, festive specials at Swiss Chalet, etc. etc.

In exercise news, I didn't crack open the step videos ( I know!!) - and the gym where I hold my step classes has suddenly been closed for gym renovation ( peeling gym floor tiles which may, or may not have asbestos ), but I haven't skipped boot camp. yeah! My last two sessions were very exhausting. lol. Guess I gotta step up the workouts in between, eh? In other good news, I didn't take the videos back to the library and "plan" to do them this week. It's not like Christmas- with all its busy activities, is just around the corner or anything. ;)

Hope you all are doing better with your HCY check ins, etc! I'm hoping to catch up on all my blog reading these next couple of days. I need the motivation!
p.s. the pic is of me on the bike, held up by my sister (on the left), Susie and cousin, Julie.