Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun to Eat, Hard to Say

Sitting here feeling a bit hungry, since I actually stayed on track fairly well today. lol. I am not having a snack though- yeah me, but rather having my herbal tea solo. Next my goal is to go to bed promptly at 11. Still need to work on the sleep, as though I taught step at lunch, I bagged on the gym after work due to tiredness.

I made another recipe from the new Cooking Light, Spicy Chicken Shawarma. (9pts) It was pretty easy and very tasty- I love having Mid-Eastern fare once in awhile. I was thinking of having a fattoush salad (my fave) with it, but then it was quicker just to do Caesar. I got my children to try half a shawarma- they are not much for wraps like this, and then they had the rest dissembled in unsauced piles. dh and I enjoyed it, though he complained of the onion taste in his mouth later. har. I did get him to admit that I'm a good wife making him healthy dinner options and all, even with the bits he complains about like onion or garlic. ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to write out my plan and goals for June. I need to start working with a definite plan....and possibly a net.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fish in a Coconut Tree

As Sunday is drawing to a close, I thought I might start off the week on the right track with a blog post. I'm going to get back on track this week (tracking my food and exercise, getting to bed before midnight and drinking more water. That's my plan thus far, anyway!) I'm not sure if I'll rejoin Weight Watchers- I've been contemplating it as my online membership is done, but I might go back to meetings if I can fit them into schedule. OR I might just go back to Sparks. Decisions, decisions!

In the stuff-I-actually-got-done dept., I tried a couple of new recipes from the new Cooking Light (April 2010) this weekend: Crispy Fish with Lemon Dill Sauce (5pts) and (not at the same time) Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies. (2pts) I will add links from my laptop after.

The fish was good overall. It's a source of mommy guilt that I don't prepare fish very often. I'd like to have it more often. It was a fight to get the kids to try this recipe- especially dd9, but dh and I both liked the mildness of the fish and the crispy panko coating. My favourite part though was, I have to admit, the tartar like Lemon Dill sauce. Delicous with the bits of dill pickle that I found in a HUGE bottle at Costco. (We'll be eating pickles for awhile!) I couldn't find fresh dill at the grocery though, so I used some dry. I'd like to do the recipe again with the fresh dill.

Finally, words cannot describe the deliciousness of the cookies. I'll definitely be making them again! They have just the right amount of "chewy" mixed in with the melted chocolate "gooey". Mmmmmm.... well worth the 2 points....ok, 6 points by the time they were cooling on the pan. Like I said, this week will be better!! ;)

Hope everyone has a good week! I'm going to be checking in more through the week (and catching up with people) and setting a goal for June.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Night Lamb

Hope everyone had a good week! Mine was pretty good, though I missed boot camp on Friday ( went to see the Raptors play basketball in TO ) and my run on Saturday am and, come to think of it, my trip to the gym on Thursday ( due to a hair appt ). I did teach step twice, made the gym once and boot camp on Tuesday. I still need to cut back on my extra snacking and start tracking. Maybe this week?!

I've tried a few things from the new Cooking Light (March 2010) including tonight's Roast Leg of Lamb with Chile-Garlic Sauce. I had it with roasted potatoes and Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpeas, and Olives. Everything was delicious! The lamb was so good and I loved, loved, loved the chile-garlic sauce. The sauce definitely has a bite to it. I had sambal oelek on hand already, so I didn't have to so any extra shopping for the recipe other than for the pound of lamb which I got at Whole Foods.

The roasted cauliflower I only had a few bites of, because truth be told, I forgot it in the oven. oops! lol. It was a little crispy, but still tasty. I really like the salty taste of the olives (not sure if I uses the right type, but figured it didn't matter all that much) with the crispy balls of chickpeas. Maybe they shouldn't have been that crispy? ;P They were good, though! I was drawn to trying this recipe since we keep getting califlower in the organic delivery. I eat it raw, but my family isn't that into it.

I think this week I'm going to make up a plan to work toward for the summer. This week I'm also going to try to (a) drink more water (b) get to sleep earlier and (c) not snack after 9pm. I'll lyk how it goes when (d) I blog more regularly! ;)

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Gold medal chili

Okay, who else is missing the Olympics today? I was getting used to flipping on the TV to see what sport was on that night. One benefit to them being done will be the end (hopefully) of super late nights though. Darn that Vancouver time difference!

Sidenote: I was so happy that my mom, who always loved the Olympics, got to go and stay with my Van sis and catch some of the action. :)

I've been working out (in my own sporting news) pretty well these last couple of weeks. I have 2 boot camp sessions, 2 step classes, 2-3 gym sessions, 1 yoga class and 1 outside run on my schedule of late. I'm feeling pretty strong, but still need to cut back on evening snacks and track better.

I made past weeks Triple-Play Cinnamon Buns again this weekend- this time with raisins, which made them even better. The whole family loves this recipe.

On Sunday, the day of the Canadian golden hockey game, I made another recipe that I posted here before: Smoky Slow Cooker Chili. I love the feta cheese (my replacement in the recipe) and greens chopped on top. I also added bits of a ripe organic avocado that I had on hand.

Tonight I served it with Almond-Cranberry Corn Bread (also posted about previously) sans the cranberries. I also skipped the toasted almonds on top and the straining of the oil. Easy and so tasty. My junior chef (dd9) helped. My coffee grinder was having an issue grinding the semi frozen almonds, so the my almond meal had some crunch to it. (When baked it was perfect.) The corn bread made my family think of our favourite US breakfast spot: the Cracker Barrel. :)

Hope everyone had a good Monday, even missing the excitement of the Olympics. :)
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