Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hot buns for Valentine's

Happy Valentine's, everyone! Checking in from chocolate bonbon eating (and Olympic watching) central. We also went to a movie today (Valentine's Day: the movie on the day) and had movie popcorn with butter. (which always tastes good until you feel terrible after.)

In good healthier eating news, one of the treats that I made for my family today was from my Cooking Light recipe binder: Triple Play Cinnamon Rolls. (4pts) I will look for a link on my laptop after.

Anyway, I used the bday Kitchenaid mixer for the kneading part again, so they were pretty easy- though not a recipe for a week night with all the pauses between steps. I skipped the raisins because I didn't have any, plus my children aren't fans. I would like to add raisins next time (for at least half the roll anyway).

The rolls were liked by everyone in my family. Maybe we'll share with people other than the 4 of us tomorrow. The recipe makes 20 afterall. ( Though my end piece was a mini- as seen in the pic. Guess that one is a single pointer. Unlike my Laura Secord bonbons. ;))

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