Saturday, May 29, 2010

A French Fry Machine for Mother's Day

Yes, MIA once again! Hope my fellow weight loss bloggers are doing better than I! Sitting here with a sore back- aggravated by yesterday's boot camp- having missed this morning's run. Boo hoo! I hate a sore back.

In happier news, above is pictured my Mother's Day surprise gift: the French fry machine by T-fal that only needs a tbsp of oil to make delicious fries! I was fascinated by the machine when I heard a commercial and saw it at The Bay. I would stop by and look at it everytime we went to the mall (to my children's chagrin). It kept selling out in spite of its expensive price tag.

Anyway, turns out the girls showed it to Ken when they were M D shopping and Ken had some Bay points to put toward it, so they bought it for me. Quel nice surprise!

You can make up to 2 pds of fries at a time with 1 tbsp of oil. The machine takes up a bit of room, but the fries are so much like the real thing, it's definitely worth the cupboard reorganization. IMHO.

I'll have to work out the points and start tracking my eating in general, but that's another post!

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