Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dusting off my blog

...with a March 2011 Cooking Light recipe.

The November issue looks good! Hope that I can try a few recipes this month and share them. Anyway, pictured above, is Meyer Lemon Chicken Piccata (5 pts plus) with a side of fries from my beloved T-fal ActiFry (4 pts) and a salad (organic greens from Costco, 0 pts for them, 1pt for the homemade salad dressing.)

The chicken was very good and very easy to make. I just used the lemons that I already had in my fridge and because I shopped at Costco for this recipe, I omitted the parsley which they don't sell (at mine anyway). The capers I had in the fridge already (woo hoo!), but I cut down on the amount used since I didn't think my family would be jazzed about them. The recipe calls for pounding the chicken thin between pieces of plastic wrap, something I usually do with boneless chicken breasts anyway- though not to thin Piccata cutlet thickness.

The sauce for the chicken was really tasty and tart. I really liked it. dd10 wouldn't try it, dd13 liked it and dh, who likes his chicken dry didn't really try much. "I like my stuff dry," was his review, so 2/4 on the sauce from my family. (But can you really count someone's opinion who gives "dry" as his texture of choice?!? just saying. ;))

Well, I haven't posted for awhile, so I haven't shared that I'm down 25 pounds since starting in September. (as is my friend who joined with me.) I will add some bling to the site later to celebrate and share a picture of my Weight Watcher charm. (Yeah!) I'm taking an online course again, so my time is being spent online but not in weight loss blogging areas. *sigh* I'm going to try to catch up on my favourite blogs soon. Hope everyone is doing well.

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