Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Eats

I had a nice weekend. Got a couple of workouts in (boot camp and a run/walk Saturday morning). I've got to get back on program better though. I get out of the zone when I'm (a) tired or (b) stressed or (c) busy and June with all its activities has plenty of all three.

I did manage to try a number of new recipes this weekend in spite of the "busy." Saturday we fired up the grill and I tried another recipe from Williams-Sonoma's Essentials of Grilling borrowed from the library. I made "Souvlakia" (lamb) with a side of Tzatziki. It's served with warm pita, sliced tomato and onion. I was the only one who tucked the souvlakia inside the pita with the tzatziki and toppings. It was tasty! I heart pocket sandwich meals. The family doesn't know what they're missing.

Tonight's BBQ meal was one I've done and blogged about before: Cedar-Planked Salmon with Barbecue Spice Rub. dd8 helped me mix the rub and rub it on the salmon. She didn't enjoy the rubbing part in the end- too unexpectedly "sandy" for her. Another "rub," dh left the salmon unattended too long and came back to the plank on fire, but though a bit singed around the edges, it was still delicious. (and dh took all the applause on it, what with blowing out the cedar plank fire and taking the fish off the BBQ and all. ;)) We had the salmon with rice, broccoli and/or greens and avocado. I had my salad with Renee's Asian dressing, which seemed to compliment the salmon perfectly with it's sesame flavour.

Finally, I finally got around to using up my organic box rhubarb and making the Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie (5 points) from the new Cooking Light (June 2009). It was a pretty quick recipe to make (we made it pretty much while the salmon was cooking), with the cool already made for you- just-unroll-it crust! Anyway, dd8 and I really liked the pie. dd11 decided she wouldn't like it before hand, but did try a little and dh was too full from the salmon so his review is on standby. I really liked the almond taste in the topping (which is a crumbly mixture, avoiding the need for a crust on top- which includes some slivered almonds and almond extract: very nice!)

The one downside to my dessert tonight was the lack of vanilla ice cream. I thought we had some on hand (of the low fat vanilla yogurt variety, of course), but we didn't, so we had it with a bit of cool whip. I think a scoop of vanilla ice cream would have put it over the top of deliciousness.

Guess what Janet's planning on buying on the way home from work tomorrow? ;)


Kelly said...

LOVE tzaziki.
I've wanted to try the whole cedar planking idea but didn't know how. I'll have to try it. Nice to make your dinner walk the plank. arrrgggh.

It's neat that you try so many new recipes. I saw that pie recipe in Cooking Light. Never cooked a rhubarb before so I guess I need to try it. :)

JanetM97 said...

Thanks Kelly! :) The best part of the plank thing? Easy clean up. And no BBQ mess (cept for putting out fires). You just presoak the plank for an hour and then you're good to go. Try it! The smell makes me think of my grandparents guest house. LOL

One of my goals was to try more recipes and make healthy eating more interesting. Sometimes I actually do it.