Saturday, May 2, 2009

Greek Food BBQ-style and Remembering Dad

I'm writing this still super full from dinner. We ate kind of late, and had antipasto (from a visit to Whole Foods today) before we did our BBQ (plus, had a couple of rum frozen cocktails: wild Saturday night and all: mil, Ken and I, yee haw! ;)). Luckily, I had some exercise today (though probably not enough to cover tonight's feast).

We met at 8am in the parking lot of a local golf course, ran down a path to some escarpment stairs which we then climbed (flights and flights of them) and then ran across with mountain brow to a woody trail and ran-walked down those. It was about 8.5 K in total. It was the perfect temp for running, too- sunny, but coolish.

Tonight I tried a couple of new recipes: we had Greek Lamb Chops (5 pts) and Feta Mashed Potatoes (2 pts) from the Cooking Light. The lamb chops were easy and tasty. We did them on the BBQ instead of the broiler. The feta potatoes were good, too. They did involve unhooking my beater from the mixer stand, but otherwise, they were pretty easy. I should have crumbled the feta a bit more- some spoonfuls got more than others. (mil and dd liked them more than dh, who, as a rule, isn't crazy about potatoes anyway.) I also tried some Designer Fries (roasted sweet potatoes) and Chili Dip (sour cream, lime zest and chili powder) from an LCBO (liquor store) flier that came in the newspaper today.

And about my would have been his birthday and this is the first May 2nd we've had without him. We were all thinking of him today and miss him, always.


Cammy said...

A great way to celebrate your dad: fresh air, good food prepared with love, and good company.

JanetM97 said...

Thanks Cammy! :)

ani pesto said...

A very fitting way to remember him, I can imagine it must have been a difficult day for you all.

Is that you in the picture? You have such awesome pictures from your childhood.

JanetM97 said...

Thanks Ani! That's my sister Susie in the pic. :)

JanetM97 said...
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