Monday, March 1, 2010

Gold medal chili

Okay, who else is missing the Olympics today? I was getting used to flipping on the TV to see what sport was on that night. One benefit to them being done will be the end (hopefully) of super late nights though. Darn that Vancouver time difference!

Sidenote: I was so happy that my mom, who always loved the Olympics, got to go and stay with my Van sis and catch some of the action. :)

I've been working out (in my own sporting news) pretty well these last couple of weeks. I have 2 boot camp sessions, 2 step classes, 2-3 gym sessions, 1 yoga class and 1 outside run on my schedule of late. I'm feeling pretty strong, but still need to cut back on evening snacks and track better.

I made past weeks Triple-Play Cinnamon Buns again this weekend- this time with raisins, which made them even better. The whole family loves this recipe.

On Sunday, the day of the Canadian golden hockey game, I made another recipe that I posted here before: Smoky Slow Cooker Chili. I love the feta cheese (my replacement in the recipe) and greens chopped on top. I also added bits of a ripe organic avocado that I had on hand.

Tonight I served it with Almond-Cranberry Corn Bread (also posted about previously) sans the cranberries. I also skipped the toasted almonds on top and the straining of the oil. Easy and so tasty. My junior chef (dd9) helped. My coffee grinder was having an issue grinding the semi frozen almonds, so the my almond meal had some crunch to it. (When baked it was perfect.) The corn bread made my family think of our favourite US breakfast spot: the Cracker Barrel. :)

Hope everyone had a good Monday, even missing the excitement of the Olympics. :)
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