Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun to Eat, Hard to Say

Sitting here feeling a bit hungry, since I actually stayed on track fairly well today. lol. I am not having a snack though- yeah me, but rather having my herbal tea solo. Next my goal is to go to bed promptly at 11. Still need to work on the sleep, as though I taught step at lunch, I bagged on the gym after work due to tiredness.

I made another recipe from the new Cooking Light, Spicy Chicken Shawarma. (9pts) It was pretty easy and very tasty- I love having Mid-Eastern fare once in awhile. I was thinking of having a fattoush salad (my fave) with it, but then it was quicker just to do Caesar. I got my children to try half a shawarma- they are not much for wraps like this, and then they had the rest dissembled in unsauced piles. dh and I enjoyed it, though he complained of the onion taste in his mouth later. har. I did get him to admit that I'm a good wife making him healthy dinner options and all, even with the bits he complains about like onion or garlic. ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to write out my plan and goals for June. I need to start working with a definite plan....and possibly a net.
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SeaShore said...

That recipe looks sooo good!

When my husband & I first got married he wasn't too fussy about all of the garlic I used, but now he often complains "needs more garlic!" lol