Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend! My mom visited from outside Montreal, and we had a birthday celebration for her on the Monday- and one for my sister, Laurie, on the Sunday. (Can you sense the danger: Thanksgiving AND cake!) Just the fact that I didn't eat myself to a state of feeling stuffed (like I always used to do on Thanksgiving), is definitely a cause for extra celebration! woo hoo!

I tried a few recipes over the weekend. For the Thanksgiving dinner at Laurie's, I brought a pumpkin pie from Cooking Light- Classic Pumpkin Pie (4pts) and a side dish from Healthy Cooking magazine, Cheddar Mashed Potatoes (4pts) from their Thanksgiving section. The pumpkin pie was really good, though I had to cook it a little longer than called for (after reading the reviews, I noticed that one person had discussed this.) The pie called for 12 servings which made for a pretty tiny piece, but it was enough, really, if one didn't gulp it down as usual. At least that's what I'm telling myself! ;) The pie was a big hit, especially with dd10.

I also made the Pumpkin Spice Bagels from Healthy Cooking (3pts) yesterday. Mine looked pretty pathetically shrunken (lol), but they were pretty tasty and I was pretty jazzed that I actually made bagels! I'm going to try them again and see if they go better. I don't own a bread machine, btw, but they have instructions for without (and with).

I also made an Angel Food cake for my mom's birthday. I cut it in half and put strawberries and a teeny bit of whipped cream (left over from the pumpkin pie recipe) in the middle. I'd like to experiment for other variations. I looked for a pumpkin version, but didn't find one.

...and finally, in terms of HYC check-in, I had another successful week at my Weight Watcher's weighin: I was down over 3 pounds again (3.4) for a loss over 10 pounds thus far and surpassing my 5 percent. woo hoo! I do need to pump up the exercise-I was better this week though. So far, I got out for a speed walking session with dd 13 on Monday, did boot camp today (Tuesday) and have a gym workout date with my friends tomorrow. Hope I can keep it up! Hope you all had a good week, too! :)

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Chibi said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving from a fellow Canuck! :)

Congrats on the loss - that's awesome!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks Chibi! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Tomorrow (my weighin) I'll see how "happy" it was- lol.