Friday, November 7, 2008

100 posts and a scary Chipotle Shrimp Taco picture :)

woo hoo! This is my hundredth post I noticed in logging on. Is there some kind of a prize for this? a release of balloons, perhaps? no? ok. moving on. :)

Sorry for my scary food picture. In looking at the picture of it on the Cooking Light site in comparison, I laughed. ( This Chipotle Shrimp Taco recipe is from my new copy of Cooking Light (Nov.2008)- which is full of Thanksgiving recipes, btw, too late for all us Canucks, BUT ok as early recipes for Christmas turkey feasts- so bonus there, at least. Anyway, this recipe was in the quick recipe section in the back. ) I guess they put their tbsp of green salsa ( or salsa verde )under the lettuce, as opposed to poured so attractively on top. lol. BUT the salsa tasted good anyway. :P

I did like this recipe overall, though my corn tortillas (that I found on my trip to Erie, PA and froze till now) were a tad small for the filling- making for a super messy taco to eat. I like to pick up my taco, as opposed to eating it with a fork and knife like dh, so I went through a bunch of paper towels. ( Lucky for you, there's no pic of that, eh? ) It is also pretty spicy with its combo of chili powder and chipotle chile powder. dh still doesn't care for the chipotle flavour (crazy man) while it remains one of my favourite flavours. The best part of this recipe, however, is the avocado slices. mmmmmmmmm...a nice, fresh cooling flavour amidst all the chipotle heat. I'm crazy about avocado.

In boot camp news, I went today after work- even though I had to rush the dds to their piano lessons and drive madly to get there. Sadly, their piano teacher doesn't want to carry on this new tradition ( she's kind of high maintenance ), so I won't be able to make the Friday class any longer. *sob* I'm going to attempt to make another class, as I don't think we can move piano. Anyway, the class tonight (boot camp, not piano) was super intense. The instructor gave us 7 (?) stations that were pairs of cardio and strength. You started with the cardio part and then switched to muscle- with 3 sets at each. It was uber exhausting and a very good workout. I think I will sleep VERY well tonight!


new*me said...

happy 100! The pic isn't so scary.....we have a lot of that around here too :)

JanetM97 said...

Thanks Annette! :)

Scale Junkie said...

YAY Congrats on your 100th! Here's to the next 100 in good health!