Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beef Fajitas With Sweet Peppers, Coriander, And Cheese

It was a rainy, mild Saturday- perfect for snuggling up and reading. I didn't get around to that, but I did manage to read a few recipes and buy the groceries to make them. Tonight we had this one from the library's copy of Rose Reisman's The Complete Light Kitchen: Beef Fajitas With Sweet Peppers, Coriander, And Cheese. We really don't have beef that often- we're mainly a boneless chicken breast family, but with the children's new love of steak, I thought I'd add one in now and again.

Anyway, I really enjoyed these fajitas. I loved the combo of the sweet red pepper, onion and the steak with the melted cheese. I usually make fajitas with left over chicken and haven't had them with the sour cream AND salsa warmed on top in the oven. Nice!

My dds are still not much for the combined foods ( they mainly like everything separated ), so it was a bit of a struggle getting them to finish, though eldest dd CLAIMED to enjoy it. She was distracted by a Twilight actor interview in the middle of supper, so that didn't help with dinner completion. We are looking forward to the movie on Friday!

Anyway, one will cost you 5 points and two, 9.5. Can you guess how many Janet ate? ;)

I had a really good workout at boot camp last night. I got a friend to help with piano lesson transportation, so I'll be able to continue on Friday (yeah!) Our trainer is really upping the difficulty/ intensity of the exercises now. One that totally had my muscled trembling: standing on the overturned bosu trainer while doing bicep curls from a standing machine. My legs were trembling all over the place just getting my balance. Another was doing a push up with one leg held through pulley and the other raised with your own core strength. oy.


Bunny Trails said...

I'm in pain just reading your workout. LOL Seriously. My arms hurt now. :) YOU GO!!

Dinner looked yummy .. but in all fairness, it is tough to compete with TWILIGHT! We are anxiously awaiting the movie here as well.

Have a great night!

blendergrl said...


I'm excited for the movie too! I made DH read it so now he can't wait to see it on friday as well!

your dinner looks delicious (as always)

JanetM97 said...

Thanks girls! :) We'll have to discuss the movie on a later post. lol.