Monday, November 10, 2008

Loving to Move

Remember when you were a kid and you thought you could be the fastest in your class if you really tried? you could jump super high- almost close to flying? when you could play till your face was sweaty and you were just DYING for a drink of water? (dh has fond memories of Charlie Horses from day long games at the ball field sans H20- and he's proud of these memories, I might add, like water is for wimps or something.)

Anyway, this picture reminds me of that love of moving. It's of my dds and with a cousin at the bday party we went to this weekend. They were literally drenched in sweat and yet so happy. They really didn't want to leave or stop. I love that. :)

Anyway, I do still love seeing what my tired old body can do- lol- though I jump a little more gingerly, more afraid of what might happen if I fall on my face. Actually, one of the exercises at today's boot camp made me a little afraid. We had to duck under this bar resting across a mount, pick up the bar and then step up onto a high bench on one leg with the bar balanced across our shoulders. I was so worried about doing a face plant and taking out someone with the long bar, I was hesitating. Luckily, our instructor spotted me- so I was confident enough to do the first large step up. :) Quite a leg workout, btw and one that really focuses on a single leg- showing me that my right lead is way stronger than my left. Go figure!

It was a great workout yet again. We had more cardio tonight than usual with the dreaded floor ladders. We ran patterns over them for quite some time and then went to the other room for circuit, only to return to the cardio side for drills after each (of 3) circuit sessions. *whew*

In Monday check-in news, my weight was up a bit this morning due to certain female reasons *cough*, but I think I'll be down on Wednesday. I've stayed in the low 160s for awhile now- my own fault, of course. Gotta get back to tracking better.


Bunny Trails said...

I love that picture!! It reminds me of riding my bike down the hill, hands in the air... not a care in the world. There's this freedom in motion (and in not caring where that motion takes you). LOL To be that free again!

Your workout sounds GREAT! You go!!

Lainie said...

My kids play like that 100% of the time (or so it seems). I have a couple of fun step workouts that can bring that playful joy to life even in lazy old me.

Your bootcamp workouts sound so tough--they make me feel lazy all over again!

carla said...

people laugh but I really do most of my workouts via LIFE
my 2 year old never stops playing...and often a bit TOO ACTIVELY fer this tired mama.


Cammy said...

Isn't it wonderful to discover new-to-our-adult-selves exercises we can do? I surely never thought I'd be hopping up on 3 steps. Certainly not with the glee with which I do it. :)

I'm so glad you see the F-U-N in it all!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks for sharing with me, ladies! :)

Katschi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog & for giving me such wonderful compliments!