Monday, November 17, 2008

You say it's your birthday...'s my birthday, too, ya! Yes, the muffin top is one year older- just like the rest of my body. Dh and the girls are taking me out for dinner shortly ( will have to go to Dottie's to check on Outback points, since I think that's where we're going ), so I thought I'd do a quick Monday check in and share the soup I made last night.

This soup Udon Noodle Soup with Chicken and Shrimp was loved by me, but pretty much despised by the rest of the family. Luckily, I knew it would be a hard sell going in, so I made them a full "other dinner." Anyway, the family is not big on soups, except very plain chicken noodle or tomato types, but I would like to work on that- so carrying on...head up and all that. ;)

The link with the recipe doesn't give credit to Rose Reisman of The Complete Light Kitchen, but it is exactly the recipe from her book except for the shrimp: the book copy calls for more shrimp- 8 oz. Another change that I did was not to put the sesame oil on any one's except for mine. The dh and I were the only ones with the floating parsley ( though dh was sarcastic and took it off immediately ). har.
All in all, I would definitely make it again ( halving the portions basically making it for myself ) and I'd probably add more seasoning. I didn't find it had much of a kick spice wise and if I'm having it solo, might as well, eh?

If you are a weight watcher kind of girl, a bowl counts for 5 points. I actually had it as a main course. It's pretty substantial especially when your family leaves lots of leftovers.

In check in news, I think my Wednesday wi will be good: IF I don't go crazy on the bday cake tonight. I'm back down to the basement bottom of the 160s and hope to be at the bottom of the 150s come Christmas. That will be my bday candle wish tonight! Posting this doesn't count as telling, does it? I didn't think so. :)


Bunny Trails said...

Tell us what? Huh? I didn't hear anything? :)


Don't look up points for Outback. it's depressing! LOL


Cammy said...

Happy birthday! You certainly don't LOOK another year older! :)
Enjoy your night out!

blendergrl said...


Outback is scary.. there bloomin onion could kill someone!

Your soup looks delicious, your family doesn't know what they are missing!

angienicholas said...

thanks for the welcome to the challenge and stopping by my blog good luck to you too Angie

JanetM97 said...

lol. Thanks girls! The Outback IS scary! I only ate half my plate though- so that's something, right?! and I definitely passed on the Blooming Onion: legendary at all ww meetings around the world, I think, for its crazy high point count. :P

thanks again for the good wishes (and saying I don't look older and stuff)! :D

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

Hi! Thanks for popping by my blog. And happy birthday!!! I'll be adding your site to my blogroll so I can check up and how you're doing. And that soup looks delicious!

SeaShore said...

Happy birthday (belated, at this point)!

Ooooh! Good for you only eating 1/2 of your meal!

KK said...

Happy Birthday a day late! I hope you had a great day!

new*me said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!