Monday, November 3, 2008

Dagmar does Halloween

I have fallen under a bowl of Halloween treats and can't get up! I'm like a drug addict and my drug of choice is anything dipped in chocolate. help! I need an intervention.

annn...ny..way! Halloween was pretty slow trick-or-treater-wise. I think it was, in part, because all the teens were at private parties since it was Friday night and all. So bad news for me: lots of candy left AND not much doorbell interruption from snacking. You know sometimes I can be so in the zone and on program, and sometimes I can be so. very. bad. ( well, chocolate greedy rather than pure evil to be fair to myself. )

Saturday night we were invited to a dinner party at friends'- a dinner party with a German theme. The Germans are not known for their low-fat cuisine, apparently. *sigh* I could have been so much better- well, worse, too, but I ended the even feeling pretty full- in the Thanksgiving dinner fullness sense of the word. We all were given German names on place cards at dinner. Mine was Dagmar. Not a light eater- that Dagmar.

I did manage SOME sane eating over the weekend. I made this Cooking Light panko chicken recipe ( Crisp Panko Chicken ) that was very tasty. My children protested at first at the sight of it (they have an aversion to a coconut coating recipe and this looked a bit like that), but then my eldest- non- coating loving dd admitted that it was pretty good and ate all of hers.

I'd definitely make them again. I liked the crispy, not soggy outside to the pieces. I didn't make the salad, since salad was what I took to the German party ( thankfully not knowing the German theme at the time- I think most of their salads are heavy, too. ) and so I had a couple of salads ( sans dressing ) left over and we ate those.

Also in better fitness news, after work today I did go to boot camp for another tough workout. This time we started with partner exercises with HUGE rubber bands. I had the instructor as my partner so no slacking there. It was a lot of leg work with squating and lunging across the room whilst being held back by a large rubber band. lol. Our circuit afterwards seemed especially tough, too (crashing from a sugar high perhaps?), so it was a very good workout overall and now I'm pretty tired.

All in all if I can just step away from the candy, everything will be alright. Luckily for me, my dh is a bit of a choco-holic. So the bowl is emptying quickly, at least.


Diana said...

Sounds like you've done well over all though! I do know what you mean with the candy. But, hopefully I can stay away from it now!
Thanks for the yummy looking chicken recipie!

Cammy said...

Hey, I think even *I* could do that chicken dish. :)

Time to put chocolate-y things aside, Janet. With the other holidays approaching, you'll want to indulge again then. It will taste so much better if you've been toeing the line (or anywhere close to the line) between one holiday and the next. At least, that's how it works for me. :)

carla said...

step away from the candy :)

I SERIOUSLY threw ours in the car and handed it all over when I went through McD's drive through (for the apples and milk I have to note)...

and DONE!


JanetM97 said...

Thanks for the intervention, girls! I needed that. lol. :)

I feel more in control today. Sensible even. Let's hope it lasts. ;)