Thursday, November 13, 2008

Larabar Love

Thursday night= good tv AND moving closer to Friday and the weekend every minute! Yeah for Thursday night. :)

I don't have a recipe to share, but I thought I'd share my latest snack find at Costco. Probably, most of you know about them already, but they're new to me. One of the super fit people at work mentioned she loved the "Larabar" fruit and nut bar when we were looking through my copy of Shape magazine ( in which it was featured ) at a staff meeting. Yes, the attention wanes when the meeting gets long. :P

I bought the 12 Bar variety pack from Costco. It has 3 flavours: Key Lime Pie (4 pts), Cocoa Coconut (4pts) and Cashew Cookie (5pts). Anyway, I like all the flavours, overall. On days when I have step class or scrapbook club at lunch, I take them for a quick lunch with an apple or banana. They have that chewy and yet moist texture of a fruit bar, but they are thicker ( fluffier?) than the fruit bars I've tried before. Now if they were dipped in chocolate...


Katschi said...

I love Larabars! I bought mine at Costco, too. I have different flavours though.

carla said...

I plan to be the last one on earth never to have had a lara :)


Ill try one. see? Im a tough sell...


JanetM97 said...

lol Carla! I would never have guessed that you didn't have one yet.

Sorry if you try one and hate it- the whole fruit bar thing is a personal taste deal :P- though these have nuts, too- adding to the flA-vah! Mainly, I enjoy them due to excessive laziness in lunch packing- encouraged by nano second long lunches clogged with activities. *phew*

so cool about other Costco flavours, Katschi! I will have to check back to see if they have different packs at mine. :)