Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chicks like Steak and Key Lime Pie

I click on my pictures icon to upload food pictures and what do I see? This:

Gotta love my soon to be double digits girl: she loves taking pictures and editing them. Many make me laugh.

Ok, on to my actual weekend food pics.

I tried a couple recipes from the new (September 2010) Cooking Light this weekend: their Key Lime Pie (7 pts) and Grilled Steak with Mango Salsa (5pts) I enjoyed both or as my new group leader would say, they were point worthy.

Speaking of points, I was down a big 4.6 pounds! Woo Hoo! Gotta love week one on the program. Just saying.

Ok back to the recipes. I really enjoyed the steak. I bought the flank steak at the local butcher's where I always feel like I'm getting good quality meats. The rub in this recipe has an Indian spice flavour and the mango salsa works well with it: refreshing and fresh. I didn't let dh cook the steak way after the recommended time (he likes his steak super well done) so we all enjoyed it off the grill while I popped his piece into the microwave to brown up.

I didn't have the suggested Naan bread side- until tonight ironically (with grilled chicken) I love Naan bread, but we had some organic delivery potatoes to use up, so I made fries with my 1 tbsp using French fry maker- yeah! They were the best batch yet according to dh. Love my Mother's Day present.

The Key Lime pie recipe was pretty easy until I got to the meringue part! The recipe calls for a temp of 250 on a candy thermometer. I think it was a misprint cause mine just blackened right before reaching it. I tried turning down the burner the next time, but just couldn't get the temp up without the sugar water getting chunky. It turned out ok with the chunks getting whipped up into meringue but then the broiler was too hot after all that preheating and the tips got a little browned. Oops. lol.

I'd looked online for recipe reviews at the site, but the only one had no meringue issues. (Maybe they lacked a candy thermometer and didn't stress the 250?)

The pie was good in the end. To save points you could cut it into smaller pieces than the called for eight. It held together well in the cutting. 10 would be easy to do.

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Cammy said...

You're off to a great start!

I'm with DH on the steak--well done!

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