Friday, September 17, 2010

Midnight Snacks

Ok, not really- just posting this late. I'm actually a mixture of super tired and hungry this late on day 7 of my first week of WW. I should be sleeping as I have an 8am appt at the gym, followed by a meeting and weigh in.

I had a good week foodwise, though I only had 3 workouts: one gym trip and 2 boot camps. I need more cardio in my life again. This week I'll work on that!

one old recipe and one new: both from Cooking Light. The chocolate chip cookies are from the CL binder cookbook (One of their All Time Favorite recipes) and the soup I found online at the CL site. I will link them both tomorrow.

We all liked the cookies, though we agree that they are best hot from the oven when the chocolate is all melty. (2pts for one; 3 pts for 2) The soup was good, also- dd9 was the biggest fan with two bowls. I read the soup reviews before making and therefore added a 1/4 c of diced carrot. I also used lots of tomatoes from our garden. Yeah! Our tomatoes have had a very good year. I loved the creamy flavour added in with the tbsp of yogurt, too. (1 pt per serving)

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blendergrl said...

welcome back blog friend.. I am back on the wagon myself before I slip any further.. looking forward to seeing your always fabulous recipe reviews :)