Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Running (or Dancing) like the Wind

Just watching the Britney episode of Glee. Loving the dancing in it. Doesn't it make you feel like dancing, too? OK, would probably throw out my back with those moves, but it gets you thinking about moving! That's a lot about what I love about step class (gotta get the club going at school again!)- the music! I like a dancy choreography and when it comes together in a fun 32 count pattern.

Working out goes hand in hand for me with eating more sensibly. I feel more active, I want to eat better foods...I sleep better...I've been a little negligent with my workouts lately, though, and want to get back on track with more regular workouts. Boot camp after school was very intense: we were doing sprinting drills. They're a bit uncomfortable, but it's still fun to see how far you can push yourself. Part of me holds back. I'll admit it. It's freeing to push through that fear. It also makes me want to challenge myself further- see if I can get back to some running.

...and I did get that new running holder for my iPhone, so there WILL be music. ;)

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