Sunday, August 3, 2008

Country Road Bring (me back) Home

We got back home late last night. Today we unpacked and discovered that eldest dd had a high fever (104 at the highest point!). So I'm posting kind of late- but I needed to check in and get back on track, too. I hope to get caught up on everyone's blogs over the next couple of days.

We had my dad's funeral outside Montreal and then, as per his wishes, headed down to the Gaspe to bury his ashes. Remember the Waltons TV show? Picture where they lived (and add lots and lots of black flies) and you will be picturing the scenery around my father's homestead. My dad's family even has a mountain (like the Waltons) with their name on it behind their house. Seriously. The mountain is on maps and everything.

My siblings and I grew up a little way away in another town. I haven't been home in over 20 years and we haven't all been together in one place for a long time either- so the whole thing was very bittersweet. My dad would have loved being there and it's hard to imagine that he's really gone. I cried more than a few tears these past 2 weeks, but I shared a lot of laughs, too.

I would like to say that I didn't share a lot of food- and I kind of didn't share a lot... since I was eating it all for myself! *sigh* Quebec makes some good food and much of it isn't dietary. I didn't have access to the Internet, didn't track what I ate and I ate everything offered to me- even possibly Quebec's most fattening dish: the poutine.

I'm pledging to get back on track now though. Wednesday's wi won't be pretty though...and strangely, I'm not even tempted to peek before hand. Weird, huh?


Cammy said...

During such a stressful and emotional time, the fact that you're even *thinking* of getting back on track is commendable.

cdndyme said...

You deserve the Emotional Eating Chip for the week.
Take the WI and move on... this time was important for the soul, and I am glad you got to be with your entire family; during these times it is so important.
Welcome home and I am glad to hear from you.

blendergrl said...

Welcome back.. I am so glad that you were able to be with your family. You have been so committed that Im sure you will be back on track with your eating and exercise in no time.