Thursday, August 28, 2008

a quick post...

about Quick Barbecue Chicken from the new, September issue of Cooking Light. We got back from our US trip late last night. Continuing my theme of badness that I've continued from the last post prior to the vacay (and so on and so on), I was a BAD ww girl on my trip. *sigh* I had a great time though and did a ton of walking whilst shopping and a ton of stair climbing while enjoying the indoor splash park with my tots and dh.

Anyway, I did buy some US light snack foods to have- and got a couple of new ones, so I'll post on those through the upcoming weeks as I'll be packing lunches and snacks for school again. *muffledsob*

Anywhoo, today, I went to Costco and bought the new CL, so I made the fore mentioned chicken since I had all the spices and didn't have to go back out to the store again for more ingredients. yeah! In terms of recipe changes, I used 4 boneless chicken breasts- they call for 2 skin-on chicken breast halves. The recipe is in the Dinner Tonight section, so they have side suggestions as well (which some of you might remember I enjoy considering). I didn't have corn, but their notes for "Spicy Corn on the Cob" sound interesting- especially since it calls for chipotle chile, my new culinary passion. har. I did do their OTHER side suggestion, however, since I had bought the Costco asian coleslaw package.

Note on the Costco coleslaw, I skipped the most fattening part of their packaged slaw, the delicious sesame dressing and used my spritz bottle of Hellman's "Asian Silk" dressing. So Janet ended the day not being a Super-BAD ww girl. yeah! (though the US trip fudge in the fridge is calling my name) ;)

oh! ya! the chicken is super easy and delicious! My seven year old loved it especially well. :)

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Chai said...

yummm...I love finding new ways to spice up a chicken