Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Day Late No Pounds Short

I had a late night last night, so I missed the HYC check-in. I haven't really lost any weight the last few weeks (and am up about 3 pounds from my 150s goal). We've been caught up in baseball fever in my house. Eldest dd made it to the championship rounds- played through the rain all last weekend to only lose one game in the gold medal round and finally, win last night in a very exciting final game!
It was so fun seeing dd go from fretting about being one of the youngest (and in her opinion, least talented) on the team at the start of the season, to her fielding so well in the championship and getting a double last night. I was so happy for her. She worked so hard at it. She's the kid who comes in at the back of the pack for track and field runs and who thinks she can't do it. While (of course) I try to teach both my girls that you are only competing against yourself, it's a hard lesson for kids, I think. Speed is not her thing, but heart definitely is. Anyway, her confidence was much higher after last night's game. She was getting kudos all round. I think organized sports is such a great thing for girls to be involved in- so many great life lessons. kwim?
And speaking of organized fitness, as for me, I did go to boot camp yesterday morning. We did a double cycle through a tough weight room circuit and did a number of ball exercises in the studio room. Doing ball exercises always makes me think I should use mine at home more. (sounds kind of dirty, sorry!) ;)
I have NOT been the best with my eating this week though- what with the jockeying between the 2 dd's bb games and eating on the run. I also at at my sister's in TO- she's an amazing cook and it would be rude not to eat the whole juicy hamburger she prepared, right?! or have the berries and icecream for dessert? *sigh* I need to reign my eating back in. I'm feeling like I will get back on track though. kwim? I have the aerobics conference this weekend, so my eating will be weird during that, and I won't be tracking again, but I will definitely rack up the APs.
Hope everyone had a good week out there! I'll try to catch up on my blog reading later tonight, hopefully. :)


cdndyme said...

and yet again, your athletic abilities make me wanna nap. lol how do you have so much energy for such invigorating activities?
Enjoy the conference

Anonymous said...

I completely agree - team sports are so good for girls. I really wish I'd done some when I was young. In fact, I'd love to be part of a women's (amateur!) sports team now, but I don't know what sport that would be ... I did try joining a women's soccer team once but it just wasn't for me. Any team sports ideal for short squat people?