Thursday, August 21, 2008

Salmon Tacos and an Englishman

Well, the Grilled Salmon Tacos with Chipotle Sauce were delicious! Loved them, truly! Much of the goodness was the flavourful chipotle sauce (and my chipotle chiles WERE in adobo sauce after all- gotta get better glasses apparently for the adobo small print ).

Other things to get excited about in this recipe: I haven't made anything with cabbage for a very long time, if ever (is that wrong?) It calls for it chopped and mixed with lime juice and green onions (kinda snappy and fresh). Also, exciting, the tomatoes were the first ever grown by the dh in our very own backyard. woo hoo! (yes, we're late bloomers, pun intended. My gardening sis kind of rolls her eyes at all our wasted backyard garden potential.)

Anyway, I'd definitely recommend the recipe. I couldn't find the corn tortillas, so I used flour ones. They were really fresh, and added to the flavour-ful-ness. (I could never go on a low carb diet.)


My brief (cause I'm tired AND have boot camp in the AM) instructor spotlight from Can Fit Pro tonight is one John Shehan. His from England and very, very funny. Sophia and I love his classes much probably due to the fact that he makes us laugh and laugh. Is anything funnier with English sayings (about "bums" and such) WITH an English accent. (He has come to the conference for many years now- though he kind of blends with Marcus Irwin in my mind, though Marcus is from Australia with a completely different accent and style)

This year I did a step and an aerobics class with him, as well as a couple of combo step classes with other instructors, including one that he did with another fave of ours, Canadian Geoff Bagshaw.

John's class is a lot of fun cause he's funny and his choreography is challenging. He ends up putting spins on everything. I like this kind of step class that challenges me to get the choreography, especially when he breaks it down and mixes up the chunks. I think I like exercise in general that takes your mind off the fact that you are exercising.

Interesting aerobics side note for those slightly interested: John claims that in Europe if the aerobics class doesn't have spins all over the place, people end up leaving.

Here's a youTube video of John and Geoff. Sorry John's part isn't shown in the clip, so you don't get to hear him. The classes these two do together are always called something about a "Brit and a Canuck."

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blendergrl said...

I am going to try these tomorrow night - they look delicious! Good luck with boot camp tomorrow.