Friday, August 8, 2008

Midnight Quickie

Just a quick post (and nothing else AP earning) to say that I did get through boot camp, but I didn't try out the new shoes pictured dork-a-ly above. I should have taken another picture showing where the chip thing goes in (if anyone actually cares or thinks it's cool other than moi :P) BUT I'm very tired and have to get up for baseball at the crack of dawn. (After this weekend, baseball will be done, not that I'm happy about that fact or anything. *coughbadmom*)

Anyway, our boot camp session was exhausting again (is this a theme in all my posts? ). The room was broken up into 3 sections: upper body, cardio and lower body. The muscle sections each had 5 exercises to cycle through and the cardio section had two rope type ladders on the floor that you did various running drills through. We did each section 3 times. *yawn* (tired thinking of it)

night all! Hope all my weight loss blogger peeps had a good day!


cdndyme said...

I am just tired reading about your boot camp.
I have been so lazy the past few weeks - but I am proud of you!
I want to know about this chip that you have from Nike. I tried looking it up, but I'm not clear.

carla said...



Cammy said...

Great job with the bootcamp! I admire anyone who goes to those. I'm a big chicken. :)

blendergrl said...

Just reading your post made me tired! Great job sticking with it - definately give us more info on the chip, I am intrigued!

Lainie said...

I'm also impressed at your bootcamp attendance. I have some bootcamp DVD workouts (most of my workouts are from DVDs) but I generally don't enjoy them.

You go, girl!