Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting Pump-kined

I'm falling behind on my blog reading AND posting lately. Life has been busy. I've also been really bad about checking in on my challenges and bad about tracking my food intake on ww online. I will strive to be better this week. I do WAY better when I'm actually tracking and checking in with my online groups. Accountability and all that.

In good Janet news, I did have a great workout at boot camp yesterday. He had us do 2 cycles of 19 stations across the two workout rooms without a break and then- finally!- we took a water break and did one more cycle of every other station. whew!
I feel like I'm getting stronger. My trainer said ( when he was assisting me with my positioning in one of the exercises ) that he definitely could see improved muscle definition in my arms. ( yeah! ) Since I have little upper body strength, I'm really happy to see any gains in this area. :D I love feeling stronger and fit- about as much as loose feeling ( non-muffin top impaired ) pants.

(( ok. The above post was saved from yesterday. I was having camera battery issues and then company ( my sister and child ) came. ))

The pumpkin muffins pictured above are from my Cooking Light Complete recipe book ( but you can get the recipe here ). I really enjoyed them (as did my children, company and dh ). I actually made them twice this weekend (Saturday AND Sunday morning). I still had a can of pumpkin left over from last weekend and there was enough in one to do this recipe twice ( possibly 3 times ). This morning when I made them, I realized that I didn't have the sour cream, so I replaced it with non-fat yogurt, which worked out just as well. I love the sugar blend crust on the top of these and the pumpkin flavour, of course.

Hope everyone is doing well! I will have to catch up on my blog reading tonight. We're off to a rainy visit to the pumpkin patch and my eight year old is really anxious to get going.


new*me said...

we didn't do anything this weekend. All of us have colds. I did do a lot of cooking for the family and my grandmother. I made cinnamon rolls, pumpkin cake, and stuffed cabbage. I had a cinnamon roll and a small piece of cake. I am still PMSing and it was cold so I think that's why I felt the need to cook and bake ;)

I exercised despite my cough.

Diana said...

Great about the boot camp.

Yum! I will definately be giving those a try :)

JanetM97 said...

Thanks ladies! :)

and Annette, hope you are all feeling better! I'm FINALLY over my cold/flu, I think. You are a baking machine, woman. (I want to live at your house!) :)

Cammy said...

yaay for boot camp! (although I think a sip of water between rounds would have been in line, but that's just me, the worrier.)