Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HYC Halloween-is-Coming Check-In

I'm trying to get back on my regular check-ins, regardless of whether my news is good or bad. :P This week has been pretty good. My clothes are slip sliding around ( getting loose ) and I feel stronger, though my weight has been fluctuating ( down 2 pounds yesterday, up the same today). I should work (again!) on my water intake. I'm planning on staying cool (on program) over Halloween. That's my goal anyway! Hopefully, my dh will let me be the one to take the girls around the neighbourhood so I'm moving a little and NOT indoors surrounded with a lot of sweet smelling chocolate. ;)

We were invited out to a pumpkin carving party tomorrow ( yeah! ), so we started our planned Halloween cupcakes and cookies tonight. The ones pictured above are from a recipe from the Cooking Light site. They're Classic Iced Sugar Cookies- obviously not iced yet! My children definitely want me to wait for them for the icing part (and they had to go to bed), so we'll finish them tomorrow- a long with the million other Halloween tasks I have for tomorrow. har.

We tried a couple un-iced and declared them very tasty. (I just had one with my herbal tea and I just heard dh sneaking another). They are a little nit picky in the making. After reading the reviews (and another iced sugar cookie recipe), I cut down the prep time by (a) using a freezer bag instead of the plastic wrap (b) putting them in the freezer, instead of the fridge (since I was trying to get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour and (c) cut down on the baking time (I did 7 mins as suggested by most reviewers).

The freezer bag seemed to work pretty well. It was probably more of a struggle getting them out of the bag rather than peeling off plastic wrap, but it worked ok and I just ran the rolling pin over any torn edges before we had at the dough with our funky, spooky Halloween cookie cutters.

Hope everyone has a happy and sane ( in terms of eating ) Halloween! :)


blendergrl said...

yum! I am working Friday night so I can avoid a bowl full of goodies.

Water has been a struggle for me lately as well - I can fluctuate up 5 lbs in a day if I dont get at least 2 litres in.

Have fun with your spooky prep!

carla said...

for some reason I always think it means Im getting OLD when i look at cookies like that and think YUM!!!

(that and things like, say, lemon bars :))

in my youth it was all chocolatydrippy all the time or NOTHING.

have a great day!


Cammy said...

Mmmm, sugar cookies. With icing, no less.

I really do need to check into moving near you. :)

Have a happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, you brought back pleasant memories! I haven't had sugar cookies in years! Thanks & have plenty of Halloween fun!

new*me said...

iced sugar cookies are my all time favorite and I make them every season ;) I did it when I was a kid and it brings back so many memories. I am not worried about's just one day afterall :) right? No stress, don't worry, be happy!

Lainie said...


Happy Halloween.