Monday, October 20, 2008

a rough week and a roadhouse steak

I had kind of a stressful week at work ( why can't people just do the right thing? and not be greedy for their own selfish ends? why? WHY- I ask you? Why do I take such behaviour to heart and get depressed? *sigh* ) and so you might think that Janet went off program- being disheartened, disillusioned and all AND having a "Roadhouse Steak" to suppress her misery, but indeed, she did NOT! Well, not with this steak anyway.

The recipe was Roadhouse Steaks with Ancho Chile Rub. I was checking out the Cooking Light site on Saturday and I noticed a link to the recipe under a suggestion for Saturday night supper- which I'm guessing is a weekly site feature. It looked so delicious with the spoonful of mashed potatoes next to it ( I made those, too), that I thought I'd try it.

We all enjoyed it, though it's QUITE spicy. I cut back on the spice for my tots. I couldn't find the ancho chile, so I just used regular chili powder. My steaks were a kazillion bucks, by the way, but they cut "like butter." Quite delish. I should mention that we never have steak or red meat often, for that matter, but my children just recently discovered that they like steak since it's on the kid's menu at Jack Astor's- which we've been to a couple of times recently with the birthdays (and we've continued going to even though I car was burgled there during one of the last times. (but that's another story)

The mash potatoes were really good, too, and something else we rarely have. The recipe was actually for Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, but when I was making them I realized the rest of the dinner was almost ready and the garlic needs to be in the oven for an hour- so I skipped the garlic. dh has been complaining about garlic a lot lately. (Yes, the man is often painful to cook for. )

In exercise news, I've been going to boot camp and having really good workouts AND I started my step class at school today (for female students and teachers). So I'm really proud of myself today because it meant that I actually worked out twice. Can I get a "woo hoo?"


blendergrl said...

WOO HOO!! Looks delish!

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carla said...

you CAN get a WOO HOO and a you tha WOMAN!

impressed you are keeping the exercise piece IN when the work stress is UP.

it will so help...


Cammy said...

You get a great big WOOHOO! That's fantastic!

I saw the steak recipe, too, and happen to have a couple of steaks in my freezer. I'll be trying this one.

new*me said...

woo hoo!! Sounds like you are kickin some boot camp butt! I want that dinner!

Diana said...

Looks fabulous!

Great job in not being bad with all the stress. I'm the worst when it comes to that.

Anonymous said...

What the heck? You never told me the car story. That totally stinks!

Hmmm, the steak looks yummy and next time I have the ancho chili powder if you want to borrow some:).
I got it at Fortino's I think.