Monday, October 27, 2008

Godiva Brownie Sundaes

How better to celebrate Monday than with a delicious Godiva Brownie Sundae from a new cookbook that I found at our public library? It's from The Most Decadent Diet Ever! by Devin Alexander (author of The Biggest Loser Cookbook) and it really is very decadent and delicious for 4 points- if you are a point counting kind of person.

When I was looking for the recipe online for you guys (click here), I also found this Youtube video of a promo for the book that is kind of cute and inspiring.

Anyway, in terms of recipe changes, I have a tip for the whole grain oat flour: just grind your own in your coffee grinder. All you need is regular oats. (Ok, I didn't have any oats on hand, but now I do for future oat grinding and possible oatmeal, probably not that. My dad kind of turned me off oatmeal with his constant thick, lumpy, oatmeal eating while I was a kid. Now you know 8 things about me. har.)

My coffee grinder got double play for this recipe actually, what with the espresso bean grinding in it too ( I just used a dark roast bean since my espresso machine is kaput and I didn't want to buy espresso beans- which might have led to the purchase of a new espresso machine- esp. tempting since those little espresso cups are so darn cute. kwim? This recipe was already expensive enough with the purchase of a big bottle of Godiva liqueur. Now I'm better prepared for my Christmas party, too. )

The whole family enjoyed this sundae immensely. (I skipped the Godiva liqueur on the kids', of course!) I could definitely see serving it at a dinner party. It tastes like a special treat. It was also pretty quick to make. I actually made it while my family was finishing up dinner. (They're slow eaters- being picky and all.)

Besides having a good sundae, I also had a good workout today. Boot camp involved 3 sets of 4 exercises (cardio and muscle mix) done 3 times in a cycle for each of 3 sections, followed by a larger group set of various squats and push ups. (So I deserved my decadent 4 point sundae!) :)


carla said...

great day for you (are you sore from bootcamp this morning?)!

I love the grinder tips as well..if yer in my neck of the internet stop by and leave that tip/enter to win!

new*me said...

oh, my! Now not only am I thinking chocolate but coffee to brew some.........figure a cup in the afternoon is better than diving into my kids chocolate syrup left over from a sundae party last week!

JanetM97 said...

thanks cyber gfs! :)

Not too sore (thankfully), Carla, but tired! Just kind of weary to the bone, if you really want to know. lol. (Course that might have also been my exhausting day at work, since I just got home.) ;)

and I enjoy an afternoon jolt of coffee now and again, too- with flavoured creamer for the added feeling of it being a "treat."