Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seven Things

I was tagged by Lainie of Fitness Fig to post seven things that people don't know about me and since she gave me a lovely, burgundy Fitness Fig Tee prize and all, here goes...

# 1- I was once the (French) translator at a mayors' convention in Ontario (just because they learned that I was born in Quebec. Quel stress- lol).

#2- I'm a published scrapbooker (my other hobby) and even wrote 3 articles once upon a time.

#3- I can touch my tongue to my nose.

#4- I'm known for my cocktails at my Christmas party (by those who remember them).

#5- Someone in my family (by marriage) is soon to be on a reality TV show in the US. (yikes)

#6- I used to write songs and wrote one to perform at my hs grad. ( I played guitar. )

#7- I wrote a song for my dh and sang it at our wedding. (My most nerve wracking part of the day.) It made dh cry (in a good way).

#8- I enjoy a good reputation for my video game playing among my children's friends. :P

#9- In childbirth (with my first) I survived a complication that kills 90% of the people who have it.

#10- I was once briefly on TV- doing a news segment on step aerobics for the YMCA. (I spoke VERY fast and luckily never saw the show since my mother was in charge of taping it and she got too excited and forgot to press record. lol.)

so.......................Thanks for the shirt Lainie! It's super soft and comfy, too. :D


carla said...


from bilingual to near death?!

there is definitely a whole world of CRUMBLING MUFFIN TOP about which we had no idea!

(I love the behind the scenes :))


new*me said...

you are by far the most interesting to be tagged!!!!!!!!! I want to know more :) like which reality show!

Diana said...

Wow...haven't you had the life! So colorful. (YES, please tell us which show :)

JanetM97 said...

lol. Thanks girls. I'm not that interesting, really, BUT thanks for thinking so. :P

The reality show is supposed to be hush hush until it happens, but it's one of the big ones.

Consider yourself all tagged for 7 things about yourself (unless you've done it already). :D