Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The long and winding road ( to weight loss )

Here it is HYC check in again. I feel super tired, but good overall. I'm hoping to get a little work out in tonight and follow my workout pledge for the week, but tiredness kills my workouts. Should have done it right after work- but it is Brownie night tonight: so a rush to eat. ergo, no working out before dinner.

I snapped this picture on Sunday during our walk through the conservation area. I really have no excuse (well, I have plenty, but I SHOULDN'T have excuses ) about exercising. We are super close to beautiful trails and what is better and more beautiful than a walk or light jog through conservation area? OR I could ride my still new bike! But I digress. I'm aiming to get outside to exercise a little over the next month. I hope to keep up a family hike at least once a week, too.

My weight levelled off (thus far) at a 3 pound loss for the week, so I'll take that and hopefully keep on track through Thanksgiving weekend. We're bringing the pumpkin pie (to my sister's ), so I HOPE to make a Cooking Light one to take along with the decadent one from our local bakery. Hope everyone does well through turkey eating this weekend- well, the Canadians anyway!


carla said...

a three pound loss is GREAT! (and thanks for clarifying all the turkey eating posts Ive been seeing. um, DUH! :) takes me a while...)

Diana said...

Great loss!

The walking area is gorgeous! I miss it so much! (Moved from upper michigan to TX).

Good luck with all the goodies! At least allow yourself a little bit though! yum. yum.

Anonymous said...

Beutiful pix and Congrats on the loss! Enjoy the holiday!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

a three pound loss is AMAZING!!! please please let me see that sometime soon!!

love the pic, its beautiful! have a great Thanksgiving weekend:)