Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Checking in after March Break madness

Time for the HYC check in after my week sliding off into the March Break of Cake with a side of ice cream. So far, it doesn't look like the damage is too, too bad. This morning I was up a pound from my last official weigh in. Unfortunately, I'd lost another unofficially after the wi (so I'm up a couple from where I COULD be), but it's ok. I'm back on track now. Hopefully. My mom lives in a different province. (Just kidding Mom!) :)

Things I need to work on week: more glasses of water (I've been really neglecting the H20)and more consistent exercise. Hopefully I can work off my March break this week.

Finally pictured above: the flax waffles my sister sweetly made for us when we stayed over in Toronto before heading to Montreal. Aren't they pretty? and I'm touched that she went for the healthier waffle recipe. They were very tasty, too. and weren't served with ice cream. ;)


blendergrl said...

yum... any chance you could give away your sisters recipe :)

Mama Bear June said...

Waffles are so yummy. My favorite breakfast is a cherry chocolate waffle. :-D
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carla said...

Im bad with the water as well and, lately, have been measuring it all out in a jug in the morning so I know Im drinking enough.
Im far less tired feeling when I do!

Cammy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your break! I need to work on the water, too. We'll get it all right at the same time one of these days. Or maybe not. Still, we try. :)

ani pesto said...

Ooh they do look good, I've never tried flax waffles. I've never noticed flax in the supermarket, I wonder if it's as common over here - I must look out for it.

Just looked it up to see if we call it something different and that's why I haven't noticed it - I wonder if we normally just call it linseed...?

I'm always getting caught out on names. I spent ages thinking Americans had a whole new salad we didn't get over here until I realised arugula was called rocket here.

JanetM97 said...

Thanks blogging chums! :)

I'll try to get the recipe from my sis. Nice to know I'm not alone on the water thing! (tho I don't wish you all bad habits or anything). ;)