Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Checking In with Tool Time

Hey HYC check-in people! Why am I always the late check-in girl? Well, tonight it was because I was making a Hi-lari-ous comic for your enjoyment. har. (Hope you can read it- it's kind of small looking here!) Didn't have a recipe to share: I did make a WW chicken recipe yesterday- but it was just so-so. Soooooo...thought I'd share my two new kitchen tools in comic form. Crazy? Kinda!

How is this diet related? Don't you find having the right tools makes it more likely that one might be inspired to try some new recipes? For me, keeping my interest level up with new recipes keeps me on track better (and makes me want to stay in and cook instead of going out.) In Canada we have a store called Homesense, where you can find all kinds of cool kitchen gadgets for super cheap. I love shopping for kitchen stuff, though you couldn't tell from my prehistoric veggie peeler and broken garlic press.

(Just ask my TO sister who rolls her eyes are our super cheap cutting knives, for example- lol- and apartment day's cheese grater: which she replaced at Christmas time. It's ok to get kitchen stuff from your sister- who shops at better stores than you, but don't get any ideas, Ken!)

(isn't my pink veggie peeler cute?)

In check-in news, I had a pretty good week overall. I was kind of snacky this week- feeling more hungry than usual. I even had some french fries at one point (though I ordered a salad for myself and then swiped the fries off my children's plates. :P) I should have also worked out more: a few of my workouts got cancelled. So this week, I'm going to work on my water (again) and scheduling more frequent workouts. Hope you all had a good week! :)


carla said...

(Id love homesense! how do I know though that Id walk through and end up leaving with nothing :))

My goal for YOU this week is a simple one: no swiping off kids plates :)

Im trying that one myself...

Ro said...

That was fuuny!
Have a great week....

Mama Bear June said...

It sounds like you are doing an awesome job making healthy choices. It won't completely derail you to swipe a few fries now and then. ;-) I've found the greasiness and texture to be totally disgusting now that I'm eating healthier (except for Chick Fil-A waffle fries. Groan. Those are still a weakness.) ;-)
Path to Health

SeaShore said...

It's like that Ikea lamp commercial - I feel sorry for the old tools, which is crazy, of course.