Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Planning Meals around Fruits and Vegetables

Okay, first let me admit that I can't say that I'm the greatest on getting all the fruits and vegetables that I should all the time, BUT I'm getting better. woo hoo! One thing that is helping me (besides my ww online tracker with the fruits and veggie check off box which makes me feel guilty when I don't fill it-but then I carry on!) is my organic veggie weekly order.

I'm going into my second month of getting the order (after placing it online), and I have to say that it really has improved the variety of veggies and fruits that I eat AND I'm finding that I plan more recipes around the veggies that I'm given. Love that! The organic box is like a little challenge each week to- the goal: to waste less from the box. So far I'm doing pretty well.

I also love the fact that some of my friends have signed up for deliveries and share some of their recipes with me, too. One of my friends and I have incorporated a walk/run into our pickup time.
(Couldn't do it tonight: too cold and rainy.)

Anyway, luckily for my goal to get to bed earlier tonight, I actually found the new coleslaw recipe I tried tonight online. Cooking Light is definitely the best magazine to review, with its wealth of online recipes. (Thanks CL!) My Tuesday pickup came with a cabbage, so I tried Tangy Mustard Coleslaw to go along with our Tuesday Tacos. (I have to admit, for this one, the tacos came first! lol)

Ken and I liked the slaw the most. It was a little too tangy for the chillens. It's tart! but for a mere 1 point per serving, tart is good...

...as are produce orders.

Think of it like paying for a personal trainer, but for your food. Well worth the cost if you can swing it. :)

Sleep tight!


Cammy said...

I love my fruits and veggies. I love cole slaw, too, but mostly I love it on top of a deep-fried hot dog with cheese. :)

JanetM97 said...

I hear ya, Cammy. I hear ya. ;) (it is good with tacos, too, partly cause I forgot to make rice)