Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Break Mmmmmmuffins

Something old, something March Break dwindles away. *sniffle* This morning eldest dd (for a change) and I remade the Pumpkin Pie muffins little dd and I made a few posts ago. (Look below for recipe, if you are so inclined.) This time I left out the pumpkin seeds cause I plan to freeze the ones we don't eat today for the girls' lunches and they didn't love the seeds.
The other muffins I made on Saturday before my shopping trip with one of my gfs. On said trip, I bought a new Lululemon outfit. It was pricey, but we'll say it's a reward for my over 20 pound loss. and move on, ok? Now I'll have to workout today for sure. I'm currently wearing it as I type this- it's comfy even for lounging and eating muffins. Preferable, even?

I bought black Boogie Pants in capri length and a tank top in bright yellow with polka dots. I liked this one in particular because it has a pocket for an Ipod and I'm still without a holder for my Touch. I usually put it on the exercise machine somewhere, but it always seems precarious on our home treadmill. I'll lyk how the Touch fits it when I work out later: making a promise here. I gotta make my Nike mini me on this blog active again, too. It kind of depresses me when it gets so lazy looking. Like I'm bringing it down with me. :P

Anyway, back to muffins: the Saturday muffins were from the online Cooking Light recipe stash. These Morning Glory Muffins used up a couple cups of my organic carrots and one cup of my many organic apples. Woo hoo! There's actually a ton of ingredients in them, but I had everything on hand except the pecans and the apple butter. I PLANNED to make another crock pot of apple butter- using up some more of my excess apples, but didn't get around to it, so I used store bought apple sauce instead. I also skipped the raisins in the hopes my children would like them, but it didn't work. So far it's just me, dh and my shopping gf who've liked them. I really liked them. dh of the "I prefer a dry muffin" was forced into trying one, but then ate two. (He's still going on about the moistness of the Anna Olson Banana Bran muffins, btw. lol)

I will definitely make these again. I might try replacing the raisins with dried cranberries next time OR 1/2 c of chocolate chips- which someone did in the recipe reviews. The recipe makes quite a few muffins (24), so I plan to freeze some for lunches to take for work *sob* lunches. Each Morning Glory muffin will cost you 3 points. The Pumpkin Pie ones are 4.


Karin said...

Count one 14 yo who LOVES muffins as a big fan also. He grabbed it as soon as I got home and before I could say no it was gone!

Tee hee, did you work out before you typed this or is your new outfit THAT comfy?

We are going to have to go back their before or after our coffee trip in a few weeks so I can indulge also!

carla said...

love lululemon.
I wish we had a store here as Im not a fan of ordering clothing from the internet if I can help it---it never fits :(