Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mac and Cheese with a Secret Ingredient

Hey all. Got thru my official weigh-in day only being up 0.6 from my last official wi, so not too bad considering!

For dinner tonight, I made this mac and cheese dish- Macaroni and Four Cheeses, to be exact, from the EatSmart magazine (with Ellie Krieger). I TRIED to follow the recipe exactly, but couldn't find frozen squash anywhere- even after calling around to places. Anyway, since I'd bought all the cheeses, I thought I'd try replacing it with canned pumpkin that I had on hand.

It actually was pretty good- after the first surprising taste, I couldn't really taste the pumpkin. I also replaced the bread crumbs with crushed Baked! Lays (which I thought were on my grocery list for THIS recipe, but apparently not). To possibly balance out the extra points from this, all my cheeses were of the lower fat variety. The rest of the recipe I followed exactly.

Both my girls liked it after trying. Younger dd actually had seconds. Dh thought it was something they might serve in prison. LOL. Can't win them all.

I had my serving with some medium salsa and it was very tasty. The mac and cheese has a bit of a kick to it, itself. ( Cayenne pepper strikes again.)

You get 2 cups for 8 points- quite generous, eh?

In veggie news, our organic delivery finally arrived last night- after being a no show for supper time. Tonight my veggie side was a delicious salad blend. Not sure what all the whispy bits were, but some had a radishy and peppery bite. Love that. Had it with my Asian Sesame blend. Tasty!

Dh, on the other hand, said he was looking for dandelions in it- mumbling something about the lawn mower bag. *sigh* ;P


Kelly said...

Mac and cheese has alway (and I mean always) been my weakness. My mom used to tell people that if it hadn't been for mac and cheese I would have starved to death as a kid. :)
Your recipe looks and sounds delicious. 2 cups?! bring it on!

Bunny Trails said...

I'm with Kelly on the mac and cheese addiction! My mom's .... I'm drooling and gaining weight just thinking about it :( Your recipe is really interesting. I'm thinking I'm going to have to try!!

DH *sigh* I feel your pain! I get the same comments from mine. He'll live :)

ani pesto said...

"lawn mower bag" - teehee hilarious

I LOVE mac & cheese - growing up it was always quoted as my favourite food but these days I sadly avoid it, I just can't portion control and it sets me down a bad path.

new*me said...

sounds great. So much better than the boxed kind ;) 2 cups.......I could live with that one too!