Monday, March 30, 2009

Roast Parsnip Soup

...Roast Parsnip Soup with Honeyed Hazelnuts and Brandy Creme Fraiche, that is! Continuing on the theme of using up organic veggies from my delivery. The recipe is from Inn on the Twenty and wasn't too complicated- other than the pain of pureeing with my mini food processor and the mess of straining. (I lost a lot of soup in spillage!) I didn't make any "Brandy Creme Fraiche" but did the suggested replacement of sour cream (which I had on hand). I used light- naturally. ;)

The recipe called for a pound and a half of parsnips, I only had 3 small ones, so after much internal debate I augmented with the single huge organic turnip I got in my box. I toyed with using the crazy purple carrots from the box, but thought they would change the soup's colour, too much, so I risked the turnip. (I actually like turnip raw, too, and nibbled a bit while I was chopping it up.)

Anyway, the soup tasted good in spite of the turnip, I'll have to try it again with straight parsnips if I get parsnips again. You roast the parsnips (and turnip!) in 350 oven for 20 mins before adding them to the soup pot.

The soup also has 1 onion, 1 celery stalk, (cook those in the pot for 5 mins first in and then add:) 1 garlic clove, (cook another min and then add:) 1/2 c white wine, 6 c stock (I used the organic store bought, though this recipe book has a really tasty sounding stock recipe), 1 tsp fresh thyme and 1 tsp sage. Simmer the soup with the roasted parsnips for about 20-30. (I simmered for much longer, due to timing issues.)

I skipped the optional whipping cream, but did caramelize the hazelnuts in honey. You heat the nuts for 10 mins at 325, take them out and cool them, toss in 1 tbsp of honey, and put back in oven for another 5 or so.

The soup is pretty tasty. Who knew that parsnips could be enjoyable? I really liked the sour cream stirred in and the flavour added by the sage and thyme mixed into the organic chicken stock. (like a turkey dinner in soup form! :)) I worked it out to about 4 points for a bowl.

Hope everyone had a good Monday! Step class was cancelled today so I didn't get my lunch hour workout in. I'll have to head to bed so I'm more motivated to workout tomorrow!


blendergrl said...

looks delicious - I love parsnips! Im putting this on my 'To Try' list!

The Better Idiot said...

Roast parsnips are really nice, my mum makes them at christmas