Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cornflaked Chicken Fingers and One Day to Freedom

...the freedom that is March Break that is. woo hoo!

Didn't make anything today- went to the nicer gym tonight (we might pick this one if we get a good deal.) I did the elliptical, the bike and the treadmill. No weights tonight, since we did them yesterday. They do have nice weight machines. One thing we noticed was that while it LOOKS like they have a ton of treadmills, we couldn't get 2 together that actually worked (that didn't have people on them) and there were quite a few free. Not sure if this was typical. Many had an emergency button (or something) error message. Any gym members familiar with this?

Anyway, after our workout we did a drive-thru takeout: veggie burgers for me and the dh (or Lick's Nature Burgers for those who know that chain). Love their burgers: you can buy them at the grocery store, too, though I haven't for a long while. It's funny how you get in the habit of buying certain foods and then kind of out of habit. I'm like that anyway. Alternating in cravings.

Yesterday, though, I tried another recipe from the fine Cooking EatSmart magazine: Crispy Chicken Fingers with Honey-Mustard Sauce. I found the recipe here, though they don't credit the magazine (that I can see anyway).

The chicken fingers were good. They are- as their description- pretty mild. If you like a spicier recipe, you might want to jazz them up a bit. The mustard sauce, which I forgot to take a pic of, was only tried by me (dh ate alone after we were all at our various activities) and so I wasn't there to spoon it onto his plate, he skipped it. He's not really a sauce guy, but I think he would have liked it.

Happy almost Friday before March Break! :)


new*me said...

my kiddos have Spring break this coming week too. Now if the weather will cooperate

The chicken looks yummy!

Cammy said...

Have you tried the chicken fingers with Fiber One Cereal? I wonder what the difference is with that and with corn flakes. Hmmm...

I've only ever belonged to one gym. Currently they have 1 out of 14 ellipticals out of order (I broke it last year sometime) and 1 out of 4 stair climbers is broken. None of the bicycles (8 total) is out of commission.

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