Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello from Montreal!

Just a quick check-in. I'm typing from my parents' old computer. I have no recipes to share: just a report that my mother has been over feeding me! Cake and ice cream 2 nights in a row. What? I'm a grown woman who could turn down cake and ice cream? Really? :P

What happens to my healthy eating when I'm away from my regular controlled environment? I hit the pause button. *sigh* Well, I'm still doing better (cake and ice cream aside) then I would have done in the past. I'm still making better choices overall and turning down somethings. Like this morning, I turned down my mother's muffin offer since I'd already eaten my bowl of cereal. That's a small victory, right? I have some ability to turn down food. Even stuff with chocolate in it. (They were banana bran chocolate chip muffins.)

I have no recipes to share, as I said, but I did buy a new, delightful looking crock pot recipe book with some healthy looking recipes to try. I'll have to input them all into the online ww recipe tracker though, as there are no nutritional values given in it. Shouldn't it be like stuff we buy in the grocery store? everything labelled? with cals, fat and fiber at least? Just sayin'!

I also have no pictures to share. I did bring my camera, but didn't think you'd want to see a picture of my large piece of chocolate cake with ice cream. Anyway, I found this old picture my dad scanned I guess. It's of my cousin, Tracey and I at my dad's old homestead on the Gaspe coast. It cracks me up because my sweet Aunt Dot was so over-protective (and guess which one of us turned out to be the wild child? irony, eh?). My cousin is COVERED in a towel, while I'm totally not and probably getting soaked. Love my mother- even though she feeds me cake!

Hope you all are having a good week! I think I regained the amount I HAD been down during this past week, but that's ok. I'll do better when I'm home again.


HollyALP said...

Ohhh I looooove Montreal! Strolls down Sherbrooke through NDG, discovering little-known shops on the Plateau, going to an IMAX movie... Ah, I need to plan a trip back!

Kelly said...

Aw, sounds like you are having a lovely time. Eat some cake for me. I would love to visit Canada someday. It looks so beautiful in pictures.

Have a great time!

ani pesto said...

Awwwww - that picture is adorable you wee cutie you.

I'm less surprised by the cake and icecream than I am impressed by the ability to turn down banana bran chocolate chip muffins - woah that shows great strength lady!

Continue to have a fab time, it doesn't sound like you've totally paused at all. In fact it sounds like you're making good balanced calls... so long as the next two nights don't include cake and ice cream n'all ;-)

JanetM97 said...

Thanks girls! :)

Mama Bear June said...

It's always good to go home, but eating healthy can be soooo challenging! Congrats on turning down a muffin. ;-)
Path to Health

carla said...

hope youre having a great time!

and now Im wondering----did you like that wally lamb book?



Cammy said...

Personally, I would've loved to have seen a picture of that cake. :)

Have a wonderful visit with loads of FUN.

new*me said...

sounds like a great time. Spending time with family is priceless ;)

LOVE the picture!