Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A brief HYC check in

Just a late night quickie so I actually check in kind of on time! I was downloading music for my step class online (for the first time) and it was taking me longer than I thought.
( So kind of fitness related.)

We had our first boot camp session after work today. Our favourite instructor is back from fireman school in Texas and was willing to train us at our school. Love it! Tough, but good. We're going to do a Biggest Loser kind of thing- complete with weigh-ins and measurements. We'll have to do percentages cause we have a least one skinny mini.

As for scale news currently, I need to clear out the left-over chocolate and jelly bellies from Easter or my belly will be jelly. I expect to be up at least 2 pounds tomorrow. Oh well! Back on track tomorrow with more water and exercise. Hope you all had a nice Easter!

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Anonymous said...

good luck with weigh in tomorrow!

Cammy said...

Yep, say bye-bye to the bunnies! :)
Great attitude on it all, though! It's probably why you have so much success!

ani pesto said...

oooh "boot camp" just the very words sound exhausting (hopefully in a fantastic way) ;-)

Love the idea of the biggest loser style challenge

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Back on track for me tomorrow, too!

Good luck:)