Thursday, April 23, 2009

Salmon, Rice and Greens

Had a pretty good day with a bit of slightly interrupted exercise and one new recipe- or a couple if you count the Cooking Light chocolate sauce (not pictured :)) that I made while watching Grey's Anatomy and had on some low-fat chocolate Chapman's frozen yogurt. mmmm...chocolaty.

About my interrupted so kinda brief exercise: the school I teach at is very multicultural and a couple of the Muslim girls in the class are strict on there being no males in our gym, since they are in gym clothes. We hold our class in the Girl's Gym, but in our busy school, sometimes people stroll along or get curious or have some job to do. Anyway, the head of boy's phys ed suddenly took a supply shipment from Toronto in the middle of our class, so we had to wait (and in some cases, hide) while they (slowly! ie, teenage helpers :P) walked boxes across our gym floor. sheesh. Pretty good workout otherwise though! :)

The salmon recipe that I tried tonight was from the new (April 2009) issue of Cooking Light: Salmon with Maple-Lemon Glaze. (7 points) It was tasty. My greens look pretty green- with green pepper and celery (all from my organic delivery), but I did also have some orange: raw carrots (not pictured). They also have a new low-fat Caesar dressing on them- the greens, I mean, from the Whole Foods store- their brand. It was very tasty.

One of my gfs and I did an after supper run to Whole Foods in a town near us. She'd downloaded a coupon from Oprah for a cute little Whole Foods bag. Kinda like a small part of an Oprah giveaway show? no? Thanks anyway Oprah! I really like it. ;)

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blendergrl said...

looks delicious as always. thanks for the encouragement on my blog. You always know when I need a little push :)