Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday's Italian Tomato Tart (and checkin' in!)

Well, actually I made this Italian Tomato Tart from the new April 2009 Cooking Light, last night, ie Monday, but I had left-overs for lunch- so it was kind of Tuesday's tomato tart- for alliteration and all. :)

It was pretty easy and very tasty. It would have been even easier, but instead of the called-for commercial pesto, I made some. I had basil left from my organic delivery and so I made the Cooking Light classic pesto from my Cooking Light Complete Recipe binder. I made just half a recipe (since I just had one basil bunch) and refrained from chopping basil for the top since my children would not have liked a scattering of green on top.

Okay, my children didn't like it even without the scattering of green, but dh and I gave it a big thumbs up. It's actually a recipe that takes awhile to make though- cooking time wise- so maybe try it on the weekend, if your week nights are rushed. I changed up the tomato a little, too, since I had left-over organic grape tomatoes and one vine one. I bought a single (called for) plum and the plum WAS the easiest to work with and the best for this recipe. (so go "plum" if it works for you.)

Finally, I enjoyed the rice/pesto crust of this tart. dh didn't even notice the pesto flavour. Score one for team pesto.

In check-in news, I'm down a couple of pounds so far this week. Easter is a danger zone ahead, but we're holding Easter dinner at our house, so I have a little control over the meal anyway. I will be looking up Cooking Light recipes. (or a crock pot ham one? ;))

In exercise news, we're starting a new workout program after work at our school with our favourite personal trainer from boot camp. Yeah! I'm excited to start back in with a boot camp type workout since we never did make a final gym decision. Best of all, no time to get comfortable home on the couch, forming excuses as to why not to exercise. This is right after work. woo hoo!


Mama Bear June said...

That's a yummy looking tart! Congrats on your loss!
Path to Health

ani pesto said...

Yay for Team Pesto :-)

That tart looks delicious... can I come be your neighbour and on occassion happen to pop by - just around the time the smells waft across the fence? Darn Australia for being so far away.