Saturday, April 25, 2009

dining by moonlight (with rain and lightning and metal skewers)

Definitely a lovely day today. Stepping out of the house just before 9 this morning, I had to turn back and leave my running jacket. It was crazy warm out there.

Anyway I went for an almost 8K run/ walk with a friend. We're actually hoping to do a 5K race in June. It's good to have a goal. :)

We ate SO late tonight! Our activities went late into the afternoon and then the rain storm put a damper on our BBQ plans. We decided to go ahead later- in spite of a drizzling rain and occasional burst of lightning. Poor dh. metal skewers and all. :P

Another reason the dinner was late was because Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Kebabs (5 pts) marinates in Pomegranate-Orange Dressing which calls for Pomegranate Molasses and it's apparently really hard to find, but easy to make, if not a little time consuming!
Anyway, the chicken kebabs are really, really good. I had a backpile of organic oranges and this recipe uses a cup of their juice and 2 on the kebabs. I really don't use chicken thighs in recipes- we always got for boneless breasts instead. I liked the moistness of the darker meat in these. I'll have to do them again.

Finally, I was also planning to make a peanut-brittle-using-apple-crisp recipe that I found on the Cooking Light site, but in searching for peanut brittle at the grocery store AND the dollar store (next to the grocery store) for the brittle, to no avail, I decided to make brittle. I found a recipe in the new May 2009 Cooking Light for Chipotle Peanut Brittle. (3 pts: 1 oz) (The recipe doesn't seem to be posted yet- so no link.*updated with link*) I don't think I've made peanut brittle before, but this was pretty easy to make and very tasty. (dh really liked it, too.) I was going to leave out the chipotle altogether, but then I only used 1/2. It's still pretty spicy. Should make the apple crisp interesting. I'll let you know.


Kelly said...

That looks delicious. I saw the peanut brittle recipe in the new Cooking Light issue. I need to try that. I love brittle. Some of Cooking Light's recipes are a little point heavy for me. but they sure do look good. :)

Sounds like a lovely evening.

JanetM97 said...

Thanks Kelly! I realized this morning I forgot to put up the points. I'll have to do that now!

True about the CL recipes being higher in points! I used to post to a group on the American ww site where they edit all the recipes to make them lower. BUT I usually do the recipes "as is", since with working out, you can work in the points and I like how most of their recipes use "real food", too. kwim?

(not that I don't use artificial in other parts of my day) ;P