Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunny Weekend Suppers

What a nice, sunny weekend- well in Southern Ontario, anyway! Saturday was especially warm. (no jacket required) Today was still really sunny, but with a bit of a chilly breeze. Still perfect for walking though and a gf and I got out for a 5.6K hike through the hills of the conservation area. We didn't run at all, kept up a good pace, and some of the steep parts of the path really get your heart pounding- so a good work out none the less.

No one in my family was interested in walking, in part because both my girls had sleepovers last night with very late nights. (a Brownies' sleepover and then the older siblings had one, too. :))

I tried a few recipes from the new Cooking Light magazine (April 2009) this weekend. Cilantro-Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa (6pts) was from the "make it Fast & Fresh" article and- ergo, very fresh and very fast. I made a couple of changes: parsley for cilantro and lemon for the lime- using what I had in my fridge. I love homemade salsa. It always makes you question the purchase of store bought stuff.

I also tried a couple of side veggie recipes from the "Take a field trip" article- showcasing local fare growing in fields across America-er, North America, that is. :) My fridge has quite a few organic veggies left in it, so this article "spoke" to me, if you kwim. I did the Soy-Sesame Kale recipe (1 pt) and the Linguine with Arugula Pesto. (6pts) I liked both. I did the Kale with the Swiss Chard that I got. I really enjoy recipes with the flavour of sesame oil and soy sauce. dh said he never had Swiss chard or kale growing up. I'm going to have to question mil about that! Seems impossible!

The linguine was good, too, though I found it a little mild in taste. Maybe my PC arugula that I got at Fortinos today wasn't fresh enough? (I'm getting used to "very fresh" from our organic delivery: not pre-washed and usually with soil attached to the bottom.) or maybe I didn't add enough garlic?

Speaking of garlic, I had my first delivery of organic garlic. It was a different way to get a garlic taste in things. It looks like a green onion. Not sure if I used it "correctly". I'll have to google it if I get it again.

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jen said...

I have never eaten kale or swiss chard! I had to bookmark this page so I can try these recipes. thanks for sharing!