Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Cookies!

Happy Canada Day! In celebration, I didn't make any maple leaf shaped rice Krispie treat (sidenote: we did actually make boring but tasty Rice Krispie squares last night for our Canada Day picnic today) or a red and white iced cake (ala Canadian Living), BUT I did my these "staff favourite" (as in CL staff) Chocolate Chip cookies. They look a little unimpressive pictured above, but they are very delicious. I made them from my Cooking Light Complete Recipe book, BUT the online recipe is here. It's strange that the name is different in the online version (so it took awhile to find the link to put here) Puffed Chocolate Chip Cookies as opposed to simply being called Chocolate Chip Cookies. I'm going to check the recipe book.

ok, I'm back! YES, the name is different! Also ironic, my cookies are definitely "puffed"- they have a substantial puffiness to them and taste vaguely cakey, BUT the magazine picture has them much flatter and non-puffy. Not sure how they did this as it took ALL my efforts to measure out 1 tbsp of sticky cookie batter per cookie- can't imagine how they mushed down the sticky batter- a milky fork like my mother used to do on pb cookies, perhaps?!

A final interesting (to me) note, is that in the CL Complete Recipe book, the editors made a special note about not usually liking applesauce in recipes (intriguing, no? what with all our applesauce recipes at ww), but that in this particular recipe (you strain applesauce for it), they really liked it. My kids, as soon as they saw the applesauce, were complaining (lol), saying they can always taste the applesauce (we did muffins with sauce a little while back). The whole family loved these cookies though. They are very melty chocolate tasting. In my second batch I used a Splenda brown sugar mix I found at Costco. I'm not sure if that shaves anything off the points. (I'll have to check when I'm not feeling lazy about it.) As done according to recipe they are 2 pts for one, 3.5 pts for 2. (and you'll probably want two.)

In check-in for HYC news, I feel really good about my week. I thought my weight was staying steady (what with the snacks at the drive-in being salty and all), but I was down 1.5 pounds this a.m. Hopefully, I can hold it off until tomorrow.

Happy Canada to all the Canucks out there! Have a cookie or two, eh? :)


mississippilinda said...

Happy Canada Day!!
I am definitely am going to try the chocolate chip cookies!!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Diana's Body Journey said...

Happy Canada Day! I'm not canadian, but I grew up in the UP of MI, doesn't that count for something since we have the accent and all? Lol.
Thanks for dropping by my blog. The cookies look delic. And, congrats on the loss!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss! I'm always looking to scale back some calories in my favorite recipes. I'm not a big CC cookie fan, but love Oatmeal Raisin. I found a few recipes on the site, Thanks!

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on the loss! My cookies are never puffy at our altitude. Those look so yummy!
Path to Health

Stacy Cartwright said...

Happy Canada Day!!

I will have to try the chocolate chip cookies out. (thanks)

Great job on your loss this week.

Lainie said...

Happy Canada Day! Those puffy cookies look pretty yummy. I love the title of your blog, by the way. I wish my own muffin top would crumble a little more. Thanks for the compliment on my blog fig pics. :) It took some work to find those online and I had to end up paying a service for them.

Slenderella said...

Happy Canada Day!

I'm always interested in trying new cookie recipes, yum! Love to bake, hence the need to diet, sigh.

And the chicken dish and left overs - awesome! And walking to the store to get the chickpeas - even more AWESOME! And losing weight - hurray for you!

The Better Idiot said...

In the UK we don;t tend to use apple sauce in much as it's viewed as a condiment rather than an ingredient or fruit serving.

Cammy said...

Would you like my address so you can send any leftover cookies to me? *G*

Congrats on the 1.6 pounds lost! That's got to feel WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

Well done you! (On losing weight AND baking cookies)

cdndyme said...

Great WL and the cookies sound good too!

Irish Mom said...

Hmmmm, homemade cookies & a weight loss???? Does it get better than that?!?! Congrats on the loss!!