Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Checking In

I'm writing this entry (like my last) on my parents' computer in my dad's old study. This used to be a favourite spot for my dad, to come and work, read, study and sort many pictures on the computer. My dad was always great for taking pictures. When my youngest sister, Laurie, was a baby, he took a photography course. You know how sometimes the youngest child gets the least number of pictures? Not in our family. Laurie got all the amazingly clear ones (new 35mm camera) and the funky, original shots. In the many pictures he has scanned on his computer, I found this picture of him and me- possibly on the PEI ferry, on his computer. We always went on summer vacations in the car pulling the tent trailer. We had some nice moments with my dad today, but he's failing and the doctor says he can't eat anymore. He was always a health conscious man, but he loved his food and dessert. It's hard.

In terms of my weekly check in, I think I've stayed on track this week pretty well in spite of it being an emotional rollercoaster. I've had to guesstimate a number of points eating out in restaurants (where the menu is only in French, too). Anyway, I've tried to stay on track, but I'm not sure what the scale will say tomorrow a.m. I've not been peeking partly because I didn't know how to work my mother's scale. I asked her about it today though, so I think I can get it turned on for tomorrow. Thanks for any good thoughts for my dad.


blendergrl said...

What a great picture! I am thinking about you and your family.. it is never an easy thing when someone who has always been strong for you begins to weaken.

Remember to take care of yourself while you are takin care of everyone else.

Karin said...

What a darling photo.

(Hugs) from all of us, with an especially big one coming from you know who.

cdndyme said...

That is a WONDERFUL photo. It's nice to be reminded of all the good when things don't seem so peachy.
You love your dad, and he obviously loves you, and that is such a blessing.
Good luck on WI - I know you will be fine.

cdndyme said...

btw... I scrolled down a few blog entries and noticed how much you look like your daughter!
I am sure you get that a lot.
too cute!

p.s. I came back to see about a WI and cheer you on. lol