Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The good, the bad and the very sleepy

I had kind of a bad and good day in terms of fitness commitment. First for the bad: I slept thru boot camp this morning. I know: boo! hiss!

I feel so bad about it. lol. My dh is away on business and I set his alarm clock myself ( yes, I'm QUITE dependent on his alarm clock setting and his form filling abilities as well ), but I did one of those waking up too early and looking at the clock things ( after staying up far too late ) and then, apparently, turned off the alarm clock while sleeping and didn't wake up until the boot camp was exactly starting. ugh! Youngest dd was downstairs watching TV and heard the alarm (so I know it went off), but didn't think to come and wake me up! not that I can blame a seven year old for my own slovenly behaviour. (can I? It would make me feel better. please? no? ok. moving on.)

Anyway, in GOOD fitness news, said extreme guilt at missing fore mentioned boot camp inspired me to get dressed immediately and go to the basement to work out- which I would NEVER have done without the guilt of the whole sad event- being tired and lazy and all, so the whole thing ended a little happily. I even fired up the wii fit as part of the workout and it, apparently, has been missing me for weeks- and called my mii (and ergo me) by the wrong name- those comedians at Nintendo, eh? I was down over 7 pounds from my last fitness test, so it's actually good in the motivation department to stay away from it for a bit. :)

In OTHER good fitness news, I signed up (last minute before the price went up) for my annual aerobics convention in TO in August. I was kind of holding off cause I'm not sure about things with my dad and all, but I decided to go for it, cause who really knows what tomorrow will bring anyway, ever? and I always love the convention so much. I go with my friend Sophia, do crazy numbers of step and various other aerobics classes for 3 days, and then crawl over to my TO sister's place for the night ( and I do mean crawl- it's like an aerobics marathon ). Presenters come from all over the world- famous fitness people who have videos and stuff- so the classes are amazing. side note: Kathy Smith ( anyone remember her videos? ) is the keynote speaker this year.

In weigh-in news, from my ww illegal scale peeking, I was down 2.5 pounds today (some partially lost but not revealed last week) so that brings me to the 150s. (A huge woo hoo from Janet on that one as it was my start of summer vacation goal and I'm only a couple of weeks off.)


cdndyme said...

you get a total "WOOOOHOOOO JANET" from me.
Good for you!
You totally "Pulled a Wendy" with the alarm... wait till you miss a plane doing that *shakes head*
Thank God West Jet was sooooo good about it. My panicked call probably had the poor women feeling bad for me.
Glad you made it a productive day anyway... I probably would have just scoffed the day as a loss.
My gf yelled at me for packing workout gear for Vegas. LOL She told me my only workout ALLOWED was "elbow lifts: left the drink to the mouth"
I told her that the more I work out the more I can drink. She was appeased by that.
no.... sadly, you cannot blame your 7 year old for sleeping in. But you CAN blame the Dog (you're a teacher right? lol).
have fun with the fitness convention, keep us posted.

Lainie said...

Enjoy the fitness convention--sounds like fun! I'll be going on a trip to meet my favorite fitness DVD instructor (Cathe Friedrich) in August, so I'll have a similar weekend full of workouts next month.

Good job making yourself work out after missing boot camp.

Mama Bear June said...

Yay! That is so awesome. Congrats on your loss and your determination.

I have a Kathy Smith workout video for my stability ball. ;-)

Path to Health

Cammy said...

Another way to look at it is that you wouldn't have had such a great wii workout without sleeping late. :) Good for you for getting it in!

And congrats on the 150s; it's a lovely part of town. :)

JanetM97 said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Wendy- eeee! on the West Jet story! Seems so easy to do on those early morning flights. Luckily for me, dh is a super light sleeper and shoots out of bed with the alarm. :P lol on your girlfriend's comment.

Lainie- Cathe Friedrich sounds familiar, but she's not listed for my convention- this year anyway. (I checked!) Have a great workout weekend, too.