Saturday, July 12, 2008

LOAF(ing) (causes) MUFFIN(top)S

I am not ashamed to say (ok, kind of ashamed, but admitting it openly on the Internet and all) that today was a very lazy day for us. We pretty much lounged the entire day (except for dh who went to Zellers for stuff AND briefly vacuumed (kind of annoying us from our loafing spots on the couch). I DID manage to rouse myself to make muffins and, later, much later, dinner. My kids, ergo, had a late night, but it IS Saturday, right? My eldest dd was actually saying- as she finally went to bed- that tomorrow we should exercise. har. I'm training them well (except for today).
Anyway, I stayed within my points today- but obviously earned no APs. (( I didn't post yesterday, but I did make it to my second boot camp session, which was a killah: pure circuit with mat work after each machine exercise. It was wicked. My entire body was exhausted and trembly. Our train was on time getting home Thursday, but we still didn't get in until after 11pm.))

Anyway, the muffin pictured above is from a banana loaf recipe from the Complete Cooking Light recipe binder called Classic Banana Bread. I made it as a loaf recipe the first time, but found that for my family, muffins work better, so I shortened the cooking time to about 25 minutes and put the batter in a muffin pan. They turn out super as muffins. This would be our 3rd time having them and nary a muffin is wasted (which is saying a lot around here). They are nicely moist- perhaps from the combo of the low-fat yogurt and bananas?


blendergrl said...

I am impressed that you made it to boot camp.. no wonder you had a lazy day today.

How many muffins did one loaf make? Did you figure out the points?

carla said...

HOW FUNNY IS YOUR BLOG NAME....which all led me to clickclick over here and find that you are just as interesting ;)

off to read and explore...


cdndyme said...

we ALL need lazy days.
Stay within points and you will do just fine.
Heck you deserve it after boot camp.
enjoy the rest of the weekend.
btw - I totally cracked up about your older daughter saying you all needed to exercise. That is just too darn cute!

Cammy said...

Oooh, I love sluggy days! Glad you got to enjoy one!

And thank you soooo much for the muffin recipe!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks girls! :) I'll get back to you about the points, Blendergirl. I think that they were 4 or 5? It called for 14 slices, I think and I made a dozen muffins- with 2 extra large (for dh). I'll put it thru my recipe tracker tomorrow and figure it out for an even 12 and lyk.