Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weighing In On Pork

I'm posting kind of late for our time zone as I took my girls (with friends) to the movies (Wall*E- we really liked it) and now I feel like I was licking one of those large blocks of salt they have for cows. Salt licks, I think they are called? So my victorious weigh-in from this morning probably doesn't count anymore (evil, thou art movie popcorn), but I believe the rules state that the magic number stays in effect until next weigh-in, so I'm not breaking any ww rules by saying that I lost another 2.5 pounds officially this morning. woo hoo! (Janet is a happy girl for at least another week.) This also takes me over 15 pounds lost, so I can add some bling to the sidebar!

In bad Janet news, this head cold has reached the outer limits of unattractiveness in that my ears are blocked, my nose is red, my voice sounds like I smoke 3 packs a day (maybe that part's kind of sexy to some?) and I'm breaking into hacking coughs periodically- only broken up for those- wait for it-it's coming-extended sneezes that kind of tickle. Too much info on a weight loss blog, probably. Sorry. It hasn't really suppressed my will to consume all my points and then some, but it has killed the will to exercise. I'm going to strain for some tomorrow. Hopefully, my unexercised body will survive boot camp this Friday with the gang of fit sporty girls my friend (who organized the group) is friends with! If you don't hear from me after Friday, at least I'm 15 down for my funeral and can be dressed in my size 12 shorts. ;)

OK, if anyone is still reading this, I did enjoy my Canada Day evening BBQ in which I tried another kebab recipe from the July Cooking Light. I actually did their whole menu idea (from the Dinner Tonight section) so we had Pork Sate with Peanut Mirin Sauce and gingered sugar snap peas and basmati rice on the side. My whole family gave it a big thumbs up- dh still has that fear of pork, so his thumb wasn't enthusiastic on principal, but everyone said they liked it.

The one bone o' contention (not pictured above) was the sauce that you were supposed to put over the kebabs. I wasn't sure about it either- it looked very plain and runny. For one thing, unlike suggested by the editors of Cooking Light, my local grocery store does not carry "mirin" in the Asian food section. If I'd had more shopping time, I would have checked one of our local Chinese grocery stores for it. Anyway, in place of the 2 tbsp of mirin, I hesitantly added 1 tbsp of water. (If I'd had wine, I might have tried that instead.) I also couldn't find serrano chile, so I bought another type of hot pepper from the hot pepper selection at Fortinos. (chile= hot pepper, no?)

If you check the recipe link and look at their picture, adding the sauce adds those bits of green (cilantro) and peanut and it IS really tasty (I had a bite without it and with it). It adds a little kick and blast of flavour- even without the mirin. I tried to convince my family that they were missing some good sauce, but sadly got no takers. Next time I'll look harder for the Mirin.


Melzie said...

That's great, 15lbs gone- wahoooo!!! :) I love theater popcorn, it's amust, and I will never go without it- but it does wreck your cal's... I try to not think about it! LOL!!! :)

Cammy said...

Congrats on the new bling!! And what a great weigh-in you had to get it. I'll just bet you're able to make it stick, too.

cdndyme said...

ok that has got to be the CUTEST thumbs up ever!
Congrats on the 15 pounds. It feels sooooooo GOOD huh?
a little popcorn won't kill ya, call them flex points and move on.
:-) Keep it up and enjoy the weekend. I am off to Seattle for the 4th of July weekend so I'll catch up when I get home.